Kodiak Bears

Kodiak bears (Ursus arctos middendorffi) also referred to as the Kodiak brown bear is a brown bear subspecies native to Kodiak Islands, Alaska. Habitat These types of bears are native to the islands of the Kodiak Archipelago which is just off the coast of Alaska (to the south). More specifically, Kodiak, Afognak, Shuyak, Raspberry, Uganik, […]

Siberian Brown Bears

Siberian brown bears (Ursus arctos collaris) also known as the East Siberian brown bear is a subspecies of brown bear that lives in Eurasia. Habitat These brown bears live in the Altai Mountains (Mongolia), Nothern China, and Eastern Kazakhstan. They can also be found in the Siberian Taiga. Description The Siberian brown bear is not as big […]

Syrian Brown Bears

Syrian brown bears (Ursus arctos syriacus) are a small species of brown bear that is endemic to the Middle East. They were first classified in 1828 by naturalist Wilhelm Hemprich and zoologist Christian Ehrenberg. Habitat This brown bear can be found sleeping or hibernating in caves and hollow trees in mountainous terrain. The Syrian brown […]

Tibetan Blue Bears

The Tibetan bear or Tibetan blue bear (Ursus arctos pruinosus) is a subspecies of brown bears native to the eastern Tibetan Plateau. These bears are also known as the Himalayan blue bear, Himalayan snow bear, Tibetan brown bear, or the horse bear. Habitat Tibetan blue bears live in the alpine regions of eastern Tibet, western China, […]

Alaska Peninsula Brown Bears

Alaska Peninsula brown bears also known as the peninsular grizzly (Ursus arctos gyas) typically live along the southern coast of Alaska where there’s an abundance of seasonally spawning salmon. Habitat These types of brown bears live along coastal Alaska from the Aleutian Islands as far west as Unimak, the Alaska Peninsula to the Kenai Peninsula. Description Alaska Peninsula brown bears are […]

Atlas Bears

Atlas bears, also known as the African bear (Ursus arctos crowtheri) is an extinct species of bear that was native to Africa. Habitat The bear gets its name because it mainly lived in the Atlas Mountain and areas surrounding Morroco, Libya, and Algeria. However, fossils of the bear have been found in caves throughout North […]

Grizzly Bears

Grizzly bears (Ursus arctos ssp.) are a subspecies of the brown bear and are one of the largest land mammals in North America. Habitat Grizzly bears can be found in the northwestern states of the USA (Idaho and Montana, for example), Alaska, and Canada. They tend to live in mountainous or forested areas. Most of the Grizzlys […]

Kamchatka Brown Bears

\Kamchatka brown bears(Ursus arctos beringianus) are also known as the Far Eastern brown bear. These subspecies of brown bears are native to Russia. Habitat Kamchatka brown bears live on the Kamchatka Peninsula (hence the name), Karaginskiy Island, Shantar Islands, as well as Kuril Islands (all found in eastern Siberia). Description The Kamchatka brown bear has […]

Asian Black Bears

Asian black bears (Ursus thibetanus) or Asiatic black bear is a species of black bear native to Asia. These types of bears are also known as the moon bear because they have a crescent-shaped marking on their chests. Most Asiatic black bears are nocturnal and, spend the day asleep in caves or hollow trees. They […]

Baluchistan Black Bears

The Balochistan (or Baluchistan) black bear (Ursus thibetanus gedrosianus) is a subspecies of the Asiatic black bear and by default one of the many types of black bears around the world. Baluchistan black bears have a thinner coat compared to other Asian black bears, however, this is because it is found in a warmer climate. Here’s everything you need […]

Formosan Black Bears

Formosan black bears (Ursus thibetanus formosanus), also known as the white-throated bear because of the markings on its chest, is the largest mammal in Taiwan. This subspecies of the Asiatic black bear is native to Taiwan. Here’s everything that you need to know about these types of black bears. Habitat The Formosan bear lives in the mountainous forests […]

Himalayan Black Bears

Himalayan black bears (Ursus thibetanus laniger) are a subspecies of the Asian black bear found in the Himalayan mountains of India, Tibet, China, and Nepal. Habitat These types of black bears can be found all throughout the Himalaya from Bhutan in the east to Pakistan in the west in mountainous areas and jungles. In summer, the […]

Japanese Black Bears

Japanese black bears (Ursus thibetanus japonicus) is a subspecies of the Asian black bear that lives on three main islands of Japan: Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu. Habitat Most of Japan’s black bear population can be found in Eastern Honshu. The black bear population on Shikoku and Kyushu may be endangered or extinct. They prefer to live […]

Kermode Bears

Kermode bears ( Ursus americanus kermodei) are also known as the spirit bear or ghost bear because of the white coat that some of these black bears have. Some believe that Kermode bears evolved over the last 10,000 years from black bears that became isolated more than 300,000 years ago. Here’s everything you need to […]

Florida Black Bears

The Florida black bear, Ursus americanus floridanus, is an American black bear subspecies.  There are six other species of black bears native to North America. Habitat Florida black bears inhabit mostly forested areas where there is an abundance of food. Though they could be found all throughout Florida, including the keys, these days their habitat is […]

Cinnamon Bears

Cinnamon bears (Ursus americanus Cinnamomum) is a type of bear, more specifically a subspecies of the American black bear. As you probably already know, there are many types of black bears. The most striking difference between this bear and the common black bear is that the cinnamon bear has reddish-brown fur. Habitat These bears live […]

California Black Bears

The California black bear known by its scientific name Ursus americanus californiensis is a type of black bear that lives in areas of and surrounding California. It is a subspecies of the American black bear. It is one of two subspecies of black bear, the other being the Olympic black bear, to live in California. […]

Olympic Black Bears

Ursus americanus altifrontalis known as the Olympic black bear is one of the many types of black bears to live in North America. These types of bears share a lot in common with other species in the black bear family (for example, California black bears). Here’s everything you need to know about the Olympic black […]

American Black Bears

American black bears known by their scientific name Ursus Americanus is the smallest living species of bears found on the continent of North America. There are several subspecies or types of black bears in North America. However, they all share some common traits. Here is everything you need to know about the American black bears […]

7 Extinct Bear Species

There’s no doubt that there are several different types of bears in existence today. However, there are also a few extinct bear species that roamed the earth. There are about 7 kinds of bears that are now extinct. They are the Atlas bear, Bergman’s bear, California grizzly bear, Mexican grizzly bear, the Steppe brown bear, […]

Types of Deserts – Explanation + Visual Guide

Deserts are one of the many different types of terrains characterized by usually inhabitable barren land. There are 4 main types of deserts: hot-and-dry (or subtropical) desert, the semiarid (or cold-winter) desert, the coastal desert, and the cold (or polar) desert.  Hot and Dry Deserts As the name suggests, these deserts are hot and dry… […]

3 Main Types of Crabs in Florida

There many species of crabs in Florida however there are 3 main types of crabs found in Florida that are edible or the most common on menus. These are the blue crab, the stone crab, and the golden crab. Blue Crabs Blue crabs are the most common of the 3. You can find blue crabs […]

What Are Screw Back Earrings?

Screw backs are a type of earring back where earring post is threaded and twisted onto the clasp. They are much more secure than friction backs and almost as good as la pousette earring backs. While you screw backs work with different types of earrings they work best with studs. They are secure, easy to […]

What Are Friction Earring Backs?

Friction earring backs are the simple clutch and post style type of earring back. Usually, a metal post passes through the ear piercing, and a flexible ear bolt slides over the post securing the earring in place. They can be used with a variety of earring types but are most common with stud earrings and button […]

What Are La Pousette Earring Backs?

La pousette earring backs are a type of earring back that you use to secure different types of earrings. The la pousette back has two tabs located on both sides which are used to tighten the connectors inside of the earring back. How to Use La Pousette Earring Backs? To use la pousette earring backs, […]

Types of Sweater Patterns

Sweaters are the middle-man between formal and casual wear when it comes to style and clothing. There are many types of sweaters to choose from and you can fine-tune everything from the sweater material to the type of sweater neckline. But, there’s another aspect that many people like to customize. The pattern. yes, there are […]

8 Main Types of Sweater Necklines

These days there are many different types of sweaters and the materials used to make sweaters are just as varied. However, we often overlook how the different types of sweater necklines (or necklines in general). For example, everyone knows the all popular v-neck and crew neck sweaters. But what about the turtleneck and the mock […]

Types of Sweater Materials

Choosing the proper type of fabric when buying a sweater is very important. The type of sweater material (also known as sweater knit) that you choose can make or break your style and comfort. For example, if the material used to make the sweater is too light then you’ll be cold. On the other hand, […]

8 Stunning Photos of Plateaus Around The World

A plateau is a type of terrain that’s characterized by relatively flat land that rises above the surrounding area. They are usually formed by upwelling of volcanic magma, extrusion of lava, and water erosion sometimes through glaciers. Here are some more examples of plateaus from around the world. Columbia Plateau Above is the Columbia Plateau which is covered with basaltic lava […]

8 Cute Crew Neck Sweaters For Women

Picking a sweater can be as complicated as picking out a dress. You have to consider the neckline, the material, the pattern, and the type of sweater. However, when it comes to women’s crew neck sweaters, we’ve got you covered. Crew neck sweaters offer a snug fit that’s perfect for casual occasions but it can […]

10 Fab Cardigans For Men

Cardigan sweaters are a great fashion choice for men as they are versatile and can fit fashionably with several looks. From an elegant and formal outfit to a simple and casual style, there’s a cardigan waiting for you. These types of sweaters also come in several styles that are appropriate for the office. Here are […]

8 Stylish Men’s Capri Pants

Capri pants are popular among women. Men usually stick to wearing cargo pants or some nice chinos. However, for the daredevils among us, there is such a thing as capri pants for men. Men’s capri pants can be styled in many different ways. Here are some of the best ways to wear these mid-length pants […]

10 Must-have Capris For Ladies

Capris are all the rage these days and the trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. But, should you wear capri pants and if yes, what are some of the best capri pants for ladies? Capri pants (also known crop pants) are pants that are longer than shorts but are not as long as trousers. They typically come down […]

10 Stylish Chino Pants For Women

Chinos are semi-casual pants that you can wear for formal as well as casual occasions. Most chinos for women are manufactured by reputed brands like- Levi’s, H&M, Gap, and Old Navy. Women’s chinos are made of the same fabric as chinos for men. These types of pants are made of premium lightweight cotton twill that […]

10 Chic Chinos For Men

Chino pants are usually made of a lightweight 100% cotton or cotton-blend fabric in a tight weave and have concealed stitching making them more of a dressy type of pants for men. Chinos come in several different types of styles, cuts, and colors. So, there’s basically a chino for every event that you can think of. […]

10 Stylish Cargo Pants For Women

Cargo pants have come a long way from being ugly, unfashionable, overworn, and whatever else you can think of. These pants types made a huge comeback with modern influences and sleeker designs. Cargo pants are the ultimate utility pants and anyone can find a pair to fit their style, needs, or personality. Here are some […]

10 Cargo Pants Styles Every Guy Should Try

Men’s cargo pants are the fashion trend that keeps on giving. These types of pants are versatile enough to be worn in the summer, spring, and fall. And, I’m not talking about the atrocity dubbed the “Christian Bale cargo pants“. I’m talking about form-fitting, comfortable, and fashionable cargo pants for men that you can wear […]

10 Stylish Pants Styles For Ladies

With so many different types of pants, its no wonder that ladies can pull out something other than a nice pair of jeans for different occasions (side-eye at you, guys). And forget about skirts and dresses, pants are more flexible and easier to put together with different styles. Here are the latest trending pants styles […]

How To Get Fox Sports Southeast Without Cable

You can watch Fox Sports Southeast with a live TV streaming service. There’s no need for a cable or satellite subscription needed. You can even start watching with a free trial if you’re in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. With any of the services outlined below, you will be able to stream Braves games […]

Types of Residential Buildings With Pictures and Names

There are 5 principal residential building types to choose from. These include single-family homes, condos, and townhouses. Choosing between the different types of residential buildings will depend on your budget, lifestyle, and needs. What is a residential building? A residential building is a building where more than half of its floor area is for dwelling purposes. A residential building offers sleeping accommodation […]

10 Most Common Types of Houses in the USA

Americans like a variety of houses. But there are certain types of houses in America that are more popular than others. From Victorian-style homes to bungalows, here are the most popular house styles in the USA. Ranch The rural areas of the southwest and west feature some of the most beautiful ranch style homes in the United […]

8 Awe-Inspiring Types of Basement Ceilings

Your basement does not have to have a drop ceiling or drywall. Their are many other types of basement ceilings to consider. Stretch Ceiling A Stretch Ceiling is a suspended ceiling that has two fundamental parts – a perimeter track and lightweight fabric membrane which stretches and clips into the track. Though costly, this type of ceiling is easy to install. […]

The Different Types of King Crabs

King crabs are one of the most popular types of crabs hunted for its delicious meat. There are over 40 types of king crab and three of the main species that are edible can be found in Alaska. The three main king crabs from Alaska are the Alaskan Red King Crab, Blue King Crab, and Brown “Golden” King Crab. There […]

Are All Crabs Edible?

Given that there are over 5000 varieties of crabs its no surprise that you’d want to know if they’re all edible. Crabmeat is one of the most savored kinds of seafood. So, are all crabs edible? The answer is that it depends. Some crabs offer more meat than others. So, it would make sense to […]

What is Goth?

What is Goth? The Goth subculture is made up of people who see the beauty in things that others consider dark and unconventional. A Goth loves all things that are dark and mysterious. The subculture came to be through a style of rock music derived from punk, typically with apocalyptic or mystical lyrics. a member of […]

How To Get STARZ On Roku

For users already subscribed to STARZ, you can download the channel and start watching right away. You’d only need to activate STARZ on Roku using your existing credentials. Roku launched support for premium channels like STARZ and Showtime way back in January. YouTube and Fox Sports Go are also available. The new feature allows users […]

How To Cancel YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a live streaming add-on service that lets you watch live TV channels without a cable subscription. YouTube TV has a 14-day free trial for new users and you can cancel or pause your subscription at any time. If you want to or can’t cancel your YouTube TV membership, here are 3 easy ways to cancel YouTube TV membership. […]

How To Get STARZ On Netflix

In the beginning, circa 2008, Netflix used to stream over 2,500 concerts and featured STARZ movies. Then, in 2011, STARZ pulled its content from Netflix. At the time,  Starz accounted for 8% of domestic Netflix subscribers’ viewing (in the United States). Fast forward to the current day and there is still some content from STARZ on […]

Cartilage Earring Styles You Should Try

Normally, ear piercings are done in the earlobe. The soft fleshy part of the ear. However, cartilage piercings are growing in popularity, with many different cartilage earring styles to choose from, especially with multiple ear piercings. Types of Cartilage Piercings There are four common types of cartilage piercings: helix piercing, tragus piercing, orbital piercing, and […]

Earrings For Guys – A Definitive Guide

Traditionally, men wore earrings such as studs or hoop earrings as their main fashion statement. Stud earrings were customarily made out of diamonds, cubic zirconia, crystals, or gold. The more precious the material, the better (with regard to social status). However, as times have changed, guys now wear different types of earrings. Stainless steel, titanium, silver, and even […]

A History of Guys Wearing Earrings

Long before women wore earrings, men wore many different types of earrings. Shakespeare, Rembrandt, and King James II, to name a few of the more notable ones through history. Ancient Greeks and Romans, as well as Persian and Indian men, wore earrings. American Indian also wore earrings. African warriors? Pirates? They wore earrings too! Even […]

How To Live Stream On YouTube

YouTube live streaming allows you to share real-time videos for free. You can live stream on YouTube via your smartphone or your computer. Here’s how to start broadcasting yourself on YouTube. Enable Live Streaming On YouTube In order to start a live stream on YouTube, you have to turn on the feature for your channel. […]

AT&T + STARZ Sign Multi-year Deal

AT&T and STARZ have agreed to a multi-year content carriage agreement which will see AT&T’s customers having more options in terms of content and value. The new deal permits AT&T to offer content from STARZ and STARZ Encore premium linear and HD channels, On-Demand, HD On-Demand, and online services to their DIRECTV, AT&T TV, and U-verse customers. […]

Moray Eel – What To Know

Moray eels are one of the few types of eel that are found mostly in saltwater. Though, there are some that live in brackish waters as well. The largest of the species is the green moray eel. Anatomy Moray eels have extended dorsal fins that join with the caudal and anal fin that forms a […]

How To Introduce Guppies To A New Tank

Adding any of the many types of guppies to an aquarium will definitely make it more attractive. Ideally, a few fancy guppies should do the trick. These guppies come in bright colors like gold, blue, red, and even green. Acclimate Guppies To add your guppies to the new tank, float the container you brought them home in in the tank for about […]

Do Guppies Sleep?

Guppies do sleep. They are diurnal fish that stay active during the day and go to sleep at nights. It can be difficult to tell if your guppies are sleeping because they do not have eyelids. However, here’s how to tell if you guppies are sleeping and just how much sleep the different types of […]

How To Breed Guppies

Guppies are one the easiest fish to breed. However, if you want to successfully raise fry (baby guppies), you have to know how do guppies breed, when the female is due, and the steps to take right before and after she gives birth (guppies are livebearers). How Do Guppies Mate Under the right conditions, male […]

How Do Stingrays Swim?

The majority of stingrays swim by pulsating their bodies like a wave. Other stingrays flap their wing-like cartilages to propel themselves forward. Some types of stingrays also use their tail to steer themselves. However, the main purpose of the tail is for defense (read how do stingrays sting for more information). A stingray’s stinger, spine, […]

Facts About Stingrays

Stingrays are a group of sea rays, which are cartilaginous fish related to sharks. They are noted for the long, sharp spines on their tails which they use to sting. Many species are endangered. Here are some interesting facts about these cool animals. Like sharks, stingrays do not have bones, their skeletons are instead made up entirely […]

How Do Stingrays Mate?

Reproduction in Stingrays varies amongst the different types of stingrays. However, the norm is that age 1, stingrays are mature enough to mate. The male stingray will follow a female and attach himself to her disc. This way he can insert his clasper into her cloaca. Breeding Season Some males of certain species are able […]

What Do Stingrays Eat?

Stingrays need to have a well-balanced diet as what they eat directly influences their color, size, and shape. Of course, they also need to eat to survive and have the energy to hunt and mate. Stingrays are carnivores which means that they eat meat as their primary source of food. Their favorite food is the […]

Are Eels Dangerous?

Eels are a species of fish that are often mistaken for sea snakes. However, despite not being actual snakes, eels are one of the most dangerous fish in the ocean. Some eels are more dangerous than others. Moray eels are by far the most dangerous amongst the different types of eels. Morays prefer to live […]

What Do Eels Eat? – Explanation

Eels bite. They have sharp teeth and are active hunters. That being said, what exactly do eels eat? It depends. Is it an eel in the wild, a pet eel, in freshwater, saltwater? There are many different kinds of eels and they are all are carnivorous, meaning they are meat-eaters. In The Wild Eels normally […]

Interesting Facts About Eels

Eels are aquatic animals that have an interesting life cycle that has eluded many scientists for many many years. Eels and their young look nothing alike. They also die after laying their eggs. Read on for more interesting facts about this mysterious creature. There are over 400 types of eels. The electric eel, despite its […]

Why Do Eels Migrate? Explanation

Eels are one of the many animals that migrate. Eels migrate in order to mate and lay eggs. Some eels travel more than 3000 miles to reach their breeding grounds. We know this because scientists were able to use satellite tags to track the American eel as they traveled from there natural home to their […]

How Much Does Starz App Cost?

STARZ launched its stand-alone streaming service back in April 2016. Since then, the company has added many original TV shows, documentaries, and movies to keep subscribers “obsessed” with their content. New subscribers to the service can download the Starz app and sign-up for a free trial. But, how much is a Starz subscription with the […]

What Vegetables Can Guppies Eat

Taking care of your guppies is a priority if you want them to live long and healthy lives. Guppies are omnivores and will eat anything that they can fit into their mouth (including their own young). You already know what guppies can eat. Fish flakes are probably the staple of many pet fish diets. But, […]

How Long Do Guppies Live For?

Taking proper care of your guppy will ensure that it lives a long and healthy life. But, just how long do guppies live for and is there anything you can do to improve health and longevity? Things To Consider Generally speaking, as with all animals, feed them well, keep them clean and unstressed and your […]

Facts About Guppies

Guppies are tropical freshwater fish. They are native to South America and the Caribbean. They mostly live in the slow-flowing rivers, small streams, lakes, ponds and pools and occasionally in the brackish waters. Guppies are one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish because of their beautifully colored bodies, easy maintenance, ability to reproduce quickly […]

Can Guppies Eat Goldfish Food?

So, what do you feed your guppies when out of guppy food? Can guppies eat Goldfish food? I’ve been in this situation before and I’ve done several searches and came up with an informed decision. Yes, your guppies can eat goldfish food. But, only feed your guppies goldfish feed for a short period of time. […]

10 Different Types of Waterfalls – Explanation + Visual Guide

Waterfalls are majestic bodies of water. Whether they stem from streams that run into rivers or into the ocean, they are a sight to behold. Waterfalls are classified based on their descent. The different types of waterfalls are Punchbowl Waterfalls, Plunge Waterfalls, Multi-step Waterfalls, Horsetail Waterfalls, Frozen Waterfalls, Fan Waterfalls, Chutes, Cataracts, Cascades, and Block […]

Types of Freshwater Aquarium Fish

There are many types of freshwater aquarium fish that you keep in your freshwater aquarium. Here are the best types of tropical fish species to keep if you’re a beginner or expert fishkeeper. Goldfish The goldfish is the most popular freshwater aquarium fish. You can find them in any pet store that sells fish. Although, […]

Best Tropical Fish To Keep

There are many types of tropical fish that you keep in your freshwater aquarium. Here are the best tropical fish species to keep if you’re a beginner or expert fishkeeper. Types of Tropical Fish Guppy There are many different types of guppies and there’s no denying that these are some of the coolest freshwater aquarium […]

5 Different Types of Telescopes – Explanation + Visual Guide

In this article, we’ll have a closer look at the different types of telescopes with names and pictures. There are three primary types of telescopes, refractors, reflectors, and catadioptric (all of which are optical telescopes). Refractor telescopes use lenses (dioptrics). Reflector telescopes use mirrors (catoptrics). Catadioptric telescopes use both lenses and mirrors. The part of the telescope that […]

Tray Ceiling Ideas For Every Room In Your Home

If you’re looking for tray ceiling ideas, tray ceiling designs, or just some good ol’ tray ceiling pictures, here are the best tray ceiling design ideas for every room in your home! What is a Tray Ceiling? A tray ceiling also called an inverted or recessed ceiling, has a center section that is several inches (or […]

Top 5 Fastest Nissan Cars

Here are the top 5 fastest Nissan cars in the world. This is a follow-up article in our series of the fastest cars that includes cars from Volvo, Toyota, and Kia. Fastest Nissan 2015 Nissan GT-R Coming in 5th on our list of the fastest Nissan cars is the 2015 Nissan GT-R. This car can […]

Top Five Fastest Volvo Cars

Volvo is a well-known car manufacturer and, although they pride themselves on safety, there are some pretty fast Volvo cars out there. These are some of the fastest Volvo cars to exist. Fastest Volvo Cars 2013 S60 T6 R-Design This particular Volvo can move from 0 to 60 in 5.3 seconds. The 2013 S60 T6 […]

10 Different Types of Tractors – Explanation + Visual Guide

Tractors are one of the most popular types of farm equipment. But, did you know that there are many different types of tractors? Tractors also double as a type of construction vehicle and help make moving heavy loads a breeze. Types of Tractors Used as a piece of farm equipment, tractors are mostly used to […]

20 Different Types of Farm Equipment – Explanation + Visual Guide

Agricultural machinery doesn’t necessarily have to be a vehicle. Although, many of them are attached to a vehicle. There are my types of farm equipment and this includes, different types of tractors, attachments, implements, etc. Types of Farm Equipment Farm tools and equipment are used for a variety of purposes. For example, stone, rock, debris removal, […]

15 Different Types of Construction Vehicles – Explanation + Visual Guide

Have you ever wondered about construction equipment names? There are different types of construction vehicles and I’d like to show you what they look like. So, let’s have a look! Types of Construction Vehicles Most of these are some variety of a type of construction truck. So, it may look like a list of construction […]

101 Different Types of Flowers – Explanation & Visual Guide

Nature is full of amazing things. There are beautiful butterflies and squishy earthworms that spread out over different types of terrain. Butterflies like flowers. And, there are many different types of flowers too! So many plants and animals types, so little time to name and show them all. From different types of ivy plants to […]

Types of Glaciers – Explanation + Visual Guide

Believe it or not, there are 8 different types of glaciers. These include mountain glaciers, rock glaciers, valley glaciers, tidewater glaciers, piedmont glaciers, hanging glaciers, cirque glaciers, and outlet glaciers. Most glaciers can be found throughout the tundra biome where temperatures are usually below freezing or are always cold for most of the year. Types […]

5 Different Types of Fire Trucks – Explanation + Visual Guide

Did you know that there are many different types of fire trucks? Do you know the difference between fire trucks and fire engines? Do fire trucks carry water? There are 7 types of fire engines and fire trucks. Let’s learn about these specialized types of trucks and the different types of fire engines! Fire Truck […]

50+ Kitchens With Tray Ceiling (Photo Gallery)

This gallery of images displays the best tray ceiling kitchen designs and ideas. A tray ceiling is a common type of ceiling used to outfit any room adding depth and a decorative touch to a normal height ceiling. What is a Tray Ceiling? A tray ceiling also called an inverted or recessed ceiling, has a center […]

50+ Dining Rooms With Tray Ceiling (Photo Gallery)

This gallery of images presents the best tray ceiling dining room designs/ideas. A tray ceiling is a popular type of ceiling treatment used to outfit any room adding depth and a decorative touch to a normal height ceiling. What is a Tray Ceiling? A tray ceiling also called an inverted or recessed ceiling, has a center […]

15 Different Types Of Ceilings – Explanation + Visual Guide

If you’re looking to change your house ceiling then there are different types of ceilings that you’d want to consider before doing so. Ceiling styles can vary by the type of house, the room, and even by the type of siding that you choose. Types of Ceilings Below are the different ceiling types that you […]

15 Different Types Of Blinds – Explanation + Visual Guide

If you’re like me and you’re looking to buy new blinds for your home, then here are all the different types of blinds that you can find. Different blind styles or shades are great for privacy or are more decorative in nature. And many people, myself included, prefer to use them instead of putting up […]

Types Of Butterflies – Explanation + Visual Guide

There are many types of butterflies around the world and it would take more than one article to describe them all. Both butterflies and moths belong to a group of animals in the order of insects called Lepidoptera. And, there are over 180,000 species of butterflies and moths! Types of Butterflies With so many different […]

Types Of Accordions – Explanation + Visual Guide

Accordions come in different sizes, shapes, and may have buttons or piano keys. Just like bells, saxophones, and harps, there are many different types of accordions. Accordions (from 19th-century German Akkordeon, from Akkord—”musical chord, concord of sounds”) are a family of box-shaped musical instruments of the bellows-driven free-reed aerophone type, colloquially referred to as a squeezebox. A person who plays the accordion is called […]

Types Of Ferrets – Explanation + Visual Guide

To start off, I must say that they aren’t different types of ferrets. There’s only one kind of ferret, however, they come in a variety of colors. Thus, it’s only natural that you might get confused. The American Ferret Association recognizes the following colors when describing ferrets: Albino Black Black Sable Champagne Chocolate Cinnamon Dark-eyed […]

Types Of Bears – Explanation + Visual Guide

As far as different types of bears go, there are 8 different bear species that you’d find around the world. However, within the different species of bears, you’d find different types of bears or subspecies. Bears can live in a variety of terrain types and they are omnivorous animals with some favoring a plant-based diet […]

Types Of Rainbowfish – Explanation + Visual Guide

There are more than 50 types of rainbowfish, including the neon dwarf rainbowfish, threadfin rainbowfish, Madagascar rainbowfish, and red rainbowfish. Rainbowfish are an omnivorous freshwater fish and, like the different types of guppies, their scales exhibit vivid ‘rainbow’ colors which makes them attractive and a sort after pet fish for aquariums. Rainbowfish are schooling fish […]

Types Of Streams – Explanation + Visual Guide

You’re here because you want to learn about the different types of streams. You’re in the right place! There are about 8 different stream types. Each with different features, locations where they form, and they even flow through different types of terrain. A stream is often defined as a small, narrow river. And, yes, you […]

Types Of Magma – Explanation & Visual Guide

Just like there are different types of volcanoes and different types of lava, there are different types of magma. Magma is molten rock within the surface of the earth. There are three basic types of magma: basaltic, andesitic, and rhyolitic, each of which has a different mineral/chemical composition. Basaltic magma —  SiO2 45-55 wt%, high in Fe, Mg, Ca, low in K, Na […]

Types Of Terrain – Explanation & Visual Guide

Let’s take a look at the different types of terrain that make up our planet, Earth. Learn about the differences, similarities, and locations of all the terrain types accessible to us. There are different types of terrains. The common ones are plateau, mountain, plain, and valley terrains. Other types of terrains include open, tundra, oasis, steppe, desert, swamp, forest, […]

Types Of Snails – Explanation + Visual Guide

The name snail is most often applied to land snails, however, there are many different types of snails. In fact, there are over 4000 snail species that also includes different kinds of sea snails and freshwater snails. Did you know that snails are gastropod mollusks that have shells and those without shells are known as slugs? Yes, a […]

Types Of Earthworms – Explanation + Visual Guide

There are 3 main types of earthworms; the compost worm (not common garden worms you find in the backyard), the earth-worker worm, and the root-dwelling worm. They belong to the subgroup of animals known as invertebrates. Moreover, there are 3 main earthworm species that we will also discuss in the article. However, if we’re being […]

Types Of Stingrays – Explanation + Visual Guide

Stingrays are a type of fish that are related to sharks. There are about 9 families of stingray which comprise over 200 different species. They are solitary animals that only come together when its time to mate (see, how do stingrays mate for more information). These are the basic types of stingrays. The stingrays are a large […]

Types Of Kangaroos – Explanation + Visual Guide

Kangaroos are a type of mammal known as marsupials and there are over 50 kangaroo species native to Australia. However, there are 4 types of kangaroos that are well known and easily recognizable. These kangaroo types are the: Antilopine Kangaroo (Macropus antilophius) Western Gray Kangaroo (Macropus fuliginosus) Eastern Gray Kangaroo (Macropus giganteus) Red Kangaroo (Macropus […]

Types Of Lobster – An Explanation Visual Guide

Who knew that there were different types of lobster? Just like crabs, there are many lobster species and there as many similarities as there are differences between the different species. There are lobsters without claws and, of course, there are clawed lobsters. Lobsters are invertebrates that scavenge shallow areas of the ocean. For the most […]

Types Of Hair Clips – An Explanation & Visual Guide

There are several types of hair clips and they come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and they serve different functions. Whether you’re trying to keep your perm together or you want to adorn your hair for a special occasion using these hair accessories, here are the different hair clip styles. Bobby Pin These […]

Types Of Catfish – Explanation & Visual Guide

There are three primary types of catfish: blue catfish, channel catfish, and flathead catfish. But, there are other catfish species outside of the three main types. Let’s have a look at them. Three Main Types of Catfish Let’s start by learning about the three main catfish types and how to tell the difference between the […]

Types Of Earring Backs – Explanation & Visual Guide

Call them what you want. Closures, clips, stoppers, clasps, or hooks. In this article, you will learn about all the different types of earring backs. You know, that piece of metal, plastic, maybe wood, that you use to keep your earring in place. They can be made of other materials too and some popular ones […]

Types Of Crabs – Explanation & Visual Guide

Let’s learn about the different types of crabs! Just how many crabs are there? There are about five thousand sea crab species alone! But we’re going to focus on the most common types of crab while keeping it interesting with pictures and videos while we go through the names of crabs. Bairdi Crabs Bairdi crabs […]

Types Of Eels – Explanation & Visual Guide

In this article, we’ll discuss the different types of eels out there. From freshwater eels and saltwater eels to conger eels and moray eels plus all the other eel types in between! An eel is any ray-finned fish belonging to the order Anguilliformes, which consists of four suborders, 20 families, 111 genera, and about 800 […]

The Three Types Of Mammals – Visual Guide

There are three types of mammals or groups of mammals that make up the main classification of these types of animals, believe it or not, including humans. Mammals are vertebrate animals constituting the class Mammalia and characterized by the presence of mammary glands which in females produce milk for feeding their young, a neocortex, fur […]

Best Places To Shop Gothic Fashion Online

Whether you’re a long-time veteran of Gothic styles or you’re just getting started with Goth fashion, these are the best online Goth stores to shop. Gothic fashion is a clothing style marked by conspicuously dark, mysterious, antiquated and homogeneous features. It is worn by members of the Goth subculture. A dark, sometimes morbid fashion and […]

17 Types Of Siding For Your House And Their Uses

There are different types of siding that you can use for different types of homes. Exterior siding has many purposes. Of course, your main purpose will be to beautify your home. But, different types of house siding provide varying levels of protection against weather and varying degrees of insulation. And, the siding styles that you […]

A List of the Best Second Hand Furniture Stores Online

In today’s digital world its no surprise that you can find second-hand furniture stores online where you can buy used furniture at bargain prices. If you prefer to go out to a store you can always use Google to look up “used furniture stores near me”. I use a variety of online furniture thrift stores […]

Types of Houses To Consider When House Hunting

When I’m looking at different types of houses, I split them into two categories: different architectural styles and different types of residential building structures. So, what’s the difference? I know some of you will ask this question. The different types of architectural styles are the fashion you build the home in. For example, different types […]

Everything you need to know about Fox Sports Go

I like sports. With Fox Sports Go, I get to watch a ton load of my favorite matches on the go or live. If you’re stuck on the why? Here’s your answer! My top reasons for getting Fox Sports Go. Cost FOX Sports GO is free to download. So long as you have an active subscription with my cable […]

Beyoncé finally makes Lemonade available for the poorer 3/4 of her fan base

The Hive, or at least the 3/4 that couldn’t afford to listen to Beyoncé’s Lemonade album legally, is finally celebrating as Queen Bey releases Lemonade on all streaming platforms. Maybe now the rest of the Hive can help the album top the Billboard Hot 200 charts… 3 years later. Lemonade is available on Amazon Music, […]

Ariana Grande’s “Flopchella” makes comeback as Nicki Minaj uninvited, replaced with Justin Bieber

Ariana brought out former self-proclaimed Queen of Rap, Nicki Minaj during her first weekend at Coachella. But, due to lack of preparation, everything went “Side to Side” as Minaj forgot her lyrics and couldn’t keep up with the beat. After Nicki ruined Grande’s already extremely thin and non-existent chances of topping Beychella, a pressed hive […]

Nicki Minaj teams up with woman beater, Chris Brown, for new single and tour

Nicki Minaj is no stranger when it comes to working with child abusers or dating sex offenders. So, it comes as no surprise that Minaj plans to join Chris Brown, the woman beater, on tour. The news comes after a planned co-headlining North American tour with Future was postponed in August due to production issues […]

How to get rid of voicemail notification that won’t go away

One time I had the voicemail notification stuck on my phone’s screen. I know that I didn’t have a new voicemail pending but it just wouldn’t disappear. If you find the voicemail notification icon stuck on your Android or iPhone’s display, there are several things to do to get rid of it. Restart The easiest […]

Former Stripper Cardi B refuses plea deal in strip club brawl case

The former stripper, Cardi B, appeared in court in a continued effort to get her strip club brawl case sorted. The “Clout” rapper refused to take a plea deal in the case whereby she is accused of having been involved in a strip club brawl in Queens last year (2018). The deal offered would have […]

Ariana and Nicki Minaj flop at Coachella. Hive and Bardi Gang seen fleeing the scene

It was a full load of hot mess on the Coachella stage this weekend. With Cardi and Selena’s lipsync battle I thought it couldn’t get any worse. But, leave it to the Ariana and former rap superstar, Nicki Minaj to f*** it up. The duo seemed to be having sound issues but instead of remaining […]

Cardi B and Selena Gomez make surprise appearance and performance at Coachella

Cardi B and Selena Gomez were a hot mess during their “surprise” Coachella performance this weekend. The duo joined DJ Snake during his scheduled set to perform Taki Taki alongside Ozuna. Cardi B came on stage and it looked like her butt implants were about ready to go plop on the floor. Judging by her […]

Mariah Carey to receive Billboard’s icon award at 2019 award show in Las Vegas

Billboard’s reigning Queen, Mariah Carey, to FINALLY receive the Billboard ICON Award! The songbird supreme will also take the stage on May 1st to perform a medley of her biggest hits! Previous awardees of the legendary Icon award are Janet Jackson, Neil Diamond, Stevie Wonder, Prince, “I don’t know her”, Celine Dion, Cher and more. […]

Rihanna butchers live performance of Brandy and Monica’s”The Boy Is Mine”

Rihanna tried singing again and failed. Miserably. That is, she tried to sing live without prepping. The last time the “Love on the Brain” hitmaker took to the mic for an impromptu performance of another artist’s song it went up in flames. I mean, not even Mariah Carey could sing Hero like she used to […]

How to get rid of white border around icons on Samsung devices

If you’re using a Samsung device that runs on OneUI, you may notice a white border around your app and system icons. To get rid of the white border or frame, follow the steps below. Use an app to remove white border Open Google Play and search for and install QuickShortcutMaker. Open the app and […]

Nicki Minaj shook as Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy certified 3X platinum

Cardi B’s ‘Invasion of Privacy’ now ties Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday’ as the highest certified album by a female rapper this century (both 3x platinum in the US). Pink Friday has been out for 10 years now. However, Invasion of Privacy has been out for about 1 year. Nicki must be some where shook and pulling […]

Solange pulls out of Coachella after getting cold feet, afraid she won’t live up to the hype of her sister, Beyonce

Solange Knowles, Beyonce’s lesser known sister, has dropped out of Coachealla due to production issues. However, we’d get cold feet too if we had to follow up Beyonce’s stellar performance. And, not to mention, we wouldn’t want Solange taking away attention from Beyonce’s upcoming Netflix documentary (which drops the same weekend as Solange’s performance at […]

How to activate Fox Sports Go via foxsportsgo.com/activate

If you’re into sports like me and have a Fox Sports subscription then you probably want to watch Fox Sports Go on your Roku, Apple TV, or Smart TV, right? With it, you can watch Fox 1, Fox 2, Fox Deportes, College Sports Fox and Fox Scooter Plus. Watch live streams of the UEFA Champions […]

Patti Labelle attempts to sing With You alongside Mariah Carey and fails horribly

Patti Labelle attended Mariah Carey’s concert and got to hang out with the Elusive Chantuese after the show. Mariah shared a video on social media showing her and Patti singing “With You” a song off her latest album, Caution. However, after starting in a key way to high for the song, Patti had to drop […]

Private pic of Beyonce’s twins leaked, Hive loses mind

Beyonce has been out of the spotlight for a while after her 2016 album, “Lemonade”, failed to produce any hits. Add that to 2018’s joint flop effort with Husband Jay-Z, EVERYTHING IS LOVE, and we were bound for a scandal to get Bey’s name in the headlines. What better way to grab some headlines than […]

How to activate Showtime Anytime via showtime.com/activate

Here’s how I activated the Showtime Anytime app on my Roku, Apple TV, and smart TV. All you need is your Showtime account and you’re good to go. Things to know You must be an active Showtime subscriber. It can be via cable or some other provider. You can create an account and subscribe at […]

Mariah Carey’s New A No No Remix Featuring Shawni Is Fire

Mariah Carey drops new music video for A No No featuring Shawni and it’s certainly an improvement over the last copy/paste version featuring Stefflon Don. It’s sad that they couldn’t fly her out to the USA from London. But, Shawni saves the day with her killer flow and a colorful verse in the new remix. […]

Mariah Carey To Release Another A No No Remix Video Featuring Shawni

The Elusive Chanteuse took to social media today to announce a new remix of her single A No No. The new remix will feature an artist called Shawni which left us asking ourselves, “Who?” Whatever the case, hopefully it’s not a copy and paste scenario like the Stefflon Don version of the remix. Some lambs […]

Cardi B to face Nicki Minaj for Best Female Rapper title at 2019 Billboard Music Awards

Reigning Queen of Rap, Cardi B, is set to face the former Queen, Nicki Minaj, for the title of Best Female Rap artist at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. Minaj who has had to cancel several concerts this year possibly due to poor attendance will more than likely lose the award to everyone’s favorite drug […]

Drug A Dude & Rob Him Rapper, Cardi B, Leads Billboard Awards With 21 Nominations

Although the former hooker openly admitted to drugging and robbing unsuspecting men, Cardi B leads this year’s Billboard Awards nominations with 21 nominations. A feat just one nomination short of the 22 nominations that Drake snagged previously. The rapper is also set to face off against Nicki Minaj for Best Female Rapper. It appears that […]

Mariah Carey Thrills Lambs At Sold Out Concert At Radio City Music Hall In Her Home State, New York

Radio City Music Hall welcomed Mariah Carey as she continues her Caution World tour. The diva performed classic hits as well as her new music to a sold out crowd in her home state. And, as a surprise, Mimi performed the fan favorite “Giving Me Life”. Check out the highlights below! The Elusive Chanteuse was […]

Former Hooker, Cardi B, Admits To Drugging and Robbing Unsuspecting Men

Rap’s new star, and former hooker, Cardi B went on Instagram live to stream her weekly rant (her version of Queen Radio). However, this time, the New York stripper is catching some heat for her words. The hooker turned rapper admitted to luring unsuspecting men into hotel rooms and drugging them. Cardi would then rob […]

Rap Queen, Cardi B, Files Trademark For Okurrr!

Queen of Rap, Cardi B, has filed a request with the  United States Patent and Trademark Office to trademark her catchphrase “okurrr“. The rap superstar plans to use the catchphrase on various merchandise inlcuding but not limited to clothes, posters and even paper cups. And, just in case one of those other girls tries to […]

Ponytail Princess Ariana Grande Breaks Spotify Record With Over 2 Billion Streams For 3 Albums

Ponytail Princess, Ariana Grande, became the first female artist in history to have 3 albums with over 2 billion streams on Spotify. The albums thank u, next, Sweetener, and Dangerous Woman all bost a record breaking 2 billion streams each. “7 Rings” also saw our Ponytail Princess breaking several records back in January, including the 24-hour streaming record […]

Mariah Carey Copy Pastes Stefflon Don In A No No Remix Video – Tilts Goats

Songbird supreme Mariah Carey released a new music video for her single A No No featuring British rapper Stefflon Don. And, while there are some lambs who wanted to see Cardi B and co on the feature, we’re just happy to see Mariah do what she loves; make music. And the Don agrees. However, while […]

Recovering Crack Head Wendy Williams Claims That She Is Living In Sober House

Daytime capital P, Wendy Williams, took the opportunity to beg for empathy by announcing that she has been living in a “Sober House” for quite some time. The “recovering’ crack head had this to say. I had a struggle with cocaine in my past, and I never went to a place to get the treatment. […]

Cardi B To Star As A Stripper In Upcoming Movie

Reigning Rap Queen, Cadi B, lands role in upcoming movie starring  Lili Reinhart, Keke Palmer, Julia Stiles and Mercedes Ruehl.  The movie, which also features Jennifer López and Constance Wu, cast Cardi as a stripper. A role that she is all too well qualified for. As we already know, Cardi was a professional stripper before she started dominating the […]

Self Proclaimed Queen Of Rap, Onika, Cancels Yet Another Concert

Nicki Minaj was forced to cancel yet another concert today. The tour, scheduled for Ireland, had to be cancelled due to “bad” weather. However, barbz were not pleased at all with the cancellation. The 300 or so barbz that would have been in attendance took to Twitter to voice their displeasure. Very late to cancel. […]

Queen of Remixes, Mariah Carey, debuts A No No remix featuring Stefflon Don

The long awaited remix for Mariah Carey’s A No No has finally appeared and we’re loving the new lyrics added by Stefflon Don! “Burn down your house like Lisa Left Eye / Ain’t no ni**a left, aye,” raps Stefflon on the remixed track. Sizzling! Pure fire! To those lambs complaining that it’d not Cardi, go […]

Former “Queen” of Rap cancels concert, fans ask for Cardi B, the reigning “Queen” instead

Nicki Minaj had to cancel yet another concert. This time, the once Queen of Rap cancelled a Paris show due to “technical difficulties”. But, word on the internet is that the “has been” cancelled the show due to poor attendance. Apparently the 500 barbz that gathered at the venue weren’t worth performing for. The disappointment […]

Mariah Carey Snatches All Wigs With Caution World Tour Opening Night In Dallas!

First of all, the Song Bird Supreme looks A+mazing as always! I mean every outfit change slays! Before we get into the highlights of the opening night in Dallas, check out the setlist! With a mix of songs from her Caution album, the Glitter Soundtrack and fan favorites, there’s no denying that this will be […]

6 Tips To Boost Your Exercise Routine During Menstruation

You start the year with the same goals as anyone else: improve your diet, pamper yourself more and keep up with an effective training routine. Everything is going well and bam! Your period comes along to ruin your plans! There’s no need to interrupt your training for four or more days a week. Here are […]

How To Activate Fox Sports Go Using foxsportsgo.com/activate

FoxSportsGo Com Activate – here are the easy activation steps to set up the Fox Sports Go app using the activation code and foxsportsgo.com/activate. Things To Note You need to have an active subscription to use the app. It can be through a cable provider or through a streaming service like Hulu Live TV, YouTube […]

How to activate Starz Using activate.starz.com

Here’s how to use the activate starz com Activate website along with the Starz activation code you get from the Starz app. How To Activate Starz To activate STARZ, you need a paid subscription or the 7-day free trial offered with the subscription. You need the account login details to add the channel to your […]

How To Activate YouTube Using youtube.com/activate

Learn how to activate YouTube on your smart devices by using youtube.com/activate. There are native apps for Apple TV, PlayStation, and Xbox. Most Smart TVs, Roku, and other streaming media players also have apps for YouTube. Activate YouTube – A 6 Step Easy To Follow Picture Guide Open the YouTube app on your TV or other […]

What causes ringing in the ears and how to cure it?

Ringing in the ears, also known as tinnitus, is usually not serious. It occurs during a cold or after prolonged exposure to very loud noises. It usually disappears without specific treatment after a few hours. Ringing sounds in the ears is the sensation of hearing any type of sound, even when in a quiet environment, […]

GPC’s groovy “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

This fall semester, the Theatre Arts Guild at Georgia Perimeter College performed William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” They put an interesting contemporary twist to it by setting the scene around the 1970s instead of the original Ancient Greece era. The Cole Auditorium stage at the Clarkston campus was filled with dangling umbrellas and dim-lighting, […]

Google Assistant: Everything You Can Do & More

Google Assistant is the successor to Google Voice Search. It’s a conversational assistant that’s on par with Siri, Alexa, and Cortana. We can have conversations with Google assistant to find answers, have fun, plan our day and much more. We’ve talked about the more than 100 things you can do with Alexa. Here’s 100+ questions and commands […]

The Best Streaming Services Of 2019

Here’s our analysis of the best video streaming services of 2019. The list includes prices, differences, and international availability. Netflix Netflix, the blueprint when it comes to online streaming services, tops the list. It is available worldwide. But, sits US version has a more varied catalog of video streaming content than that of any other country. Netflix […]