Everywhere You Can Stream Starz

Starz has a steady growing selection of original content that can keep you occupied for weeks. It’s also one of the reasons why it’s one of the best streaming platforms. While you can stream Starz via the Starz app, you can also stream it from a few other platforms even if you don’t have a Starz account.

Amazon Prime

If you already pay for Amazon Prime or Prime Video and you want to extend your viewing choices then adding the Starz package via Amazon is your best choice. It saves you having to buy an extra service or download another app.

Starz is not free with Amazon Prime. However, with the Streaming Partners ProgramAmazon Prime members can sign up for a free trial. After that, the channel costs $8.99 per month.


If you already subscribe to Starz via Xfinity, you can download the app and begin streaming your favorite Starz shows. However, you’ll need to activate Starz. However, Xfinity does not allow subscribers to log into the STARZ channel on Roku at this time.


If you have Starz as part of your Comcast cable package then you can download the Starz app and sign in using your Comcast details and start streaming. But, you will need to follow our Starz activate guidelines if it asks for an activation code and you get stuck. If it doesn’t seem to work then perhaps there is still an issue with Comcast & Starz.


Hulu offers a wide variety of TV shows and movies to stream. They even offer a live TV package. However, you can also activate STARZ® on Hulu as a standalone add-on.

Starz is not included with Hulu. However, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial. After, you pay just $8.99/month in addition to your $5.99/month Hulu (base plan). You can cancel either or both at any time.


You can stream a limited variety of Starz content if you already have a Netflix subscription. The first two seasons of Outlander, which comprise 29 episodes of the Starz series, was made available on Netflix starting on May 27.

PlayStation Vue

On PlayStation, you can get access to Starz through PS Vue. However, you can also stream through Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video if you are already a subscriber of one of those services already.


SlingTV also offers Starz and Starz Encore as an add-on package for an extra $8.99 a month. With Starz, you get an additional 2,900 on-demand movies and TV shows to stream.

YouTube TV

Back in 2018, YouTube TV began offering Starz as an add-on for .99. With it, you get access to Starz, Starz Encore and Starz Encore Westerns. In all, there are 14 Starz channels available.

Starz App

If you just want to watch Starz and only shows and movies provided by Starz, then you can download the Starz app for either iOS or Android and sign up for a free trial or subscribe right away (from the app).

Once you do, you can begin watching on any of the supported devices including desktop. You can also sign up via their website and then sign in using the official app. It costs $8.99 per month for a subscription and you can cancel anytime.

A note on subscribing to Starz via Amazon, Hulu, etc. You won’t be able to use your Hulu or Amazon credentials to log in to the Starz (formerly Starz Play) app.

Also, if you sign up via Starz (website), you won’t be able to use those credentials to get Starz on Hulu or Amazon Prime.

However, if you have Starz as part of your cable package then you can use your cable provider details to log in on the Starz app, Roku, Apple TV, and Android.

The only cable provider that does not allow this is Comcast. For help with STARZ, you can always reach out to the STARZ support team. You can check out what channel is Starz on to find out the channel number for cable.