How to Watch Stranger Things on Netflix or Any Device Right Now

Horror, mystery, thrill, friendship, and teenage romance lingering throughout the show – it’s the perfect combination that I had been waiting for years. Thanks to Stranger Things on Netflix, I now have one of the best teenage science fiction horror drama shows to binge. Well, I already binge-watched the three seasons, but I’m up for a marathon any time. Sometimes, I get so hooked onto a few episodes that I recommend my friends to watch them all over again. That’s how crazy the show is, and it’s evident from its 8.7 IMDB rating.

What is Stranger Things?

Stranger Things is a science fiction horror drama show set in Hawkins, a fictional town in Indiana. The pilot episode itself was so thrilling that I couldn’t stop myself from watching the second one. And once I watched the second episode, I knew that I had to binge-watch the entire series at one shot. The series engulfs you in an investigation of supernatural elements that are both horrifying and has childlike sensibilities.

The Hawkins National Laboratory performs different types of scientific research, but also indulges in some supernatural and paranormal experiments where they use humans for their tests. One mistake leads to another and the scientists create an alternate dimension called “the Upside Down” where Hawkins residents start disappearing one by one.

How to Watch Stranger Things on Netflix or Any Device Right Now 1

How to watch Stranger Things?

Stranger Things is available on Netflix. You need to open a Netflix account and subscribe to the platform to watch the show. There are three subscription plans to choose from.

• Basic – This plan costs $8.99 per month and you can use only one screen to watch the show. That means you can use either your mobile or computer to log in, and can’t remain logged in to your account from two separate devices. This plan gives you access to Netflix’s unlimited TV shows and movies and you can also download your favorite episodes on one device.
• Standard – This plan costs $13.99 per month. Unlike the Basic plan where you could only watch the show from a single device, the Standard plan allows you to log in from two different devices. This means you can share the package with one of your friends and enjoy watching the show at the same time. The Standard plan also gives you access to unlimited TV shows and movies and you can watch them on HD.
• Premium – This is the most expensive plan and costs $17.99 per month. However, it gives you access to ultra HD content, and you can log in from four different devices.

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Can you watch Stranger Things for free?

Previously, Netflix offered a one-month free subscription to new users. Unfortunately, that feature is not available right now. Therefore, you will have to pay the subscription fees to watch the show. There is, however, a way to watch Stranger Things for free. You need to open a Vudu account and watch the first two seasons on that platform. The third season isn’t up yet, though. You may have to wait for a long time to watch the third season on Vudu.

How many seasons of Stranger Things are there?

Stranger Things currently has three seasons with the fourth season expected to release in 2022. As one of the biggest fans of the show, I am eagerly waiting for what would happen to Hawkins, Eleven, Will, and his friends.

With the Upside Down still haunting the town of Hawkins, will Eleven come to the rescue? Or will Will and his friends succumb to the terror spread by the Hawkins National Laboratory through their experiments? We’ll all have to wait and watch what the new season has in store for us.

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