How to Watch German Netflix: With or Without Using a VPN

As someone who frequently travels, I know how difficult it can be to log in to Netflix only to find out that you are locked out of viewing the content you’re paying for. Netflix doesn’t care what billing address you have, they aren’t going to show you the content available in your billing country but rather the content that is available where you’re traveling.

Therefore, your selection of available TV shows and movies will change from country to country depending on what’s available in that region.

As someone who couldn’t live without watching The Office last year, I decided enough was enough and found my way around these Geo-restrictions. I did so by using a VPN that I have found not only useful for bypassing Netflix’s Geo-restrictions, but also for my Internet privacy.

Using a VPN To Bypass Restrictions

Previously, you had to be living in and/or traveling in Germany to watch German Netflix. Now, you can do it without being anywhere near Germany.

By using a VPN, you can access German Netflix by tricking Netflix into thinking you’re accessing it from a German address.

Netflix uses your IP address to deliver you the local Netflix experience. Therefore, if you use a VPN server that is based out of Germany, you will be able to access German Netflix. Whereas, if you’re traveling in Germany and you want to access American Netflix, you can choose a server that is based in the USA.

Watch German Netflix With a VPN – How Does It Work?

When you access Netflix, you are going to be rerouted to the local Netflix site. After all, Netflix is available in over 190 countries. Each country has its own negotiated content. Therefore, what you might have available to you in your home country might not be available where you’re traveling.

As a paying customer of the service, this can be frustrating. After all, you’re not getting access to the content that you are actively paying for. By using a VPN that has access to servers in locations that you want, you will be able to consume the content you’re looking for.

Why Would I Want To Do This

Anyone who is a frequent traveler is going to want to have a VPN that they can use. A VPN is a convenient and easy way to bypass Geo-restrictions.

You can install and use VPNs on virtually any device you want whether it be a streaming device, a computer, or a mobile device. Along with being able to access previously blocked content, you can also enhance your privacy on the Internet by masking and even encrypting your traffic.

This can be very useful if you are someone who frequently travels and uses public WiFi hotspots. After all, these hotspots are generally not secure and it can be relatively easy to snoop on the traffic on them. With a VPN, it not only re-routes your traffic, but it encrypts it to ensure you’re not subject to any Man In The Middle attacks.

Best VPN Options for Watching Netflix in Other Countries

I’ve tried just about every VPN service under the sun and this is the list of the best options that I’ve been able to test to watch Netflix in other countries. Keep in mind I’ve tested most of these in various locations across the globe, but not necessarily every single one in every possible country out there. That being said, here is your list!


NordVPN is probably the most well-known VPN service out there. Well-known for being able to unblock Netflix (and it freed up The Office for me!!) and perfect for maintaining top-level speeds even while streaming.

NordVPN is also one of the top rated when it comes to privacy. So if that’s high on your priority list you may have found your match.


ExpressVPN is another very similar to NordVPN that I have tried. I loved the experience and I’ve used it frequently since. IT wasn’t as effective in South American countries, but Mexico worked fine for me. Express VPN is known for unblocking content in European countries.

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