How to Watch UK Netflix: With or Without Using a VPN

Streaming services have made it easier than ever before to consume all of the content we want. That is unless you are someone who travels. I am a frequent traveler who subscribes to Netflix UK. Unfortunately, whenever I go to other countries, I’m limited in the content I can access. Due to regional rights restrictions, Netflix gatekeeps me from accessing the content I’m already paying for.

Just last year when I was living in Japan, I was unable to access The Office because it was unavailable in my region even though I subscribe to UK Netflix. Luckily, I know how to bypass these regional restrictions with the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

What Is a VPN?

A VPN is something that can serve as a multi-purpose software for you if you are a frequent traveler like me. For one, it acts as a tunnel for your traffic. That way, you can re-route your originating IP address to another server which effectively masks your real IP address.

Thus, it looks like your traffic is originating from another IP address. This can help you gain privacy on unsecured WiFi networks like Internet hotspots at the airport and more.

However, it can also serve as a way to bypass Geo-restrictions from services like Netflix. If you’re someone who subscribes to Netflix UK, you’ll want to have a VPN so you can access the content you’re paying for while traveling abroad to different countries.

Can I Watch Netflix UK Shows Without a VPN?

Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t care that you are paying for Netflix UK content if you’re not located in the UK. Therefore, you’ll be limited to whatever content is available in whatever region you’re traveling in.

This can be a major hassle for anyone who is looking for specific content only available in their home country/region. Therefore, you won’t be able to access Netflix UK without a VPN unless you use some other type of unblocking method.

How Does a VPN Work To Watch Netflix In Other Countries?

If you are traveling to a different country, you’re going to be accessing the local Netflix market. Netflix has made specific agreements with media companies in different markets. Because of this, not every region is going to have the same content.

Netflix uses your IP address to figure out what market you’re located in. They don’t care what your billing agreement address is.

Because of this, you’ll need to ‘trick’ Netflix into thinking you’re accessing the Netflix servers from a UK address. That way, you can watch Netflix UK and access the content you’re seeking. A VPN works by supplying you with IPs that originate from the UK.

When you connect to one of these UK servers, your real IP address is masked. This allows you to trick Netflix’s servers into thinking you’re located in the UK. This allows you to watch UK Netflix in any country no matter what country you’re watching Netflix in.

Why Do I Want To Use a VPN To Access Netflix?

As mentioned previously, a lot of content is gatekept by Netflix based on region. They have agreements with specific networks and media companies to provide content to different regions.

By using a VPN to access Netflix, you can unlock a lot of content that you would otherwise be locked out from viewing. This can help you get a lot more content than what you would get without a VPN.

Best VPN Options for Watching Netflix in Other Countries

I’ve tried just about every VPN service under the sun and this is the list of the best options that I’ve been able to test to watch Netflix in other countries. Keep in mind I’ve tested most of these in various locations across the globe, but not necessarily every single one in every possible country out there. That being said, here is your list!


NordVPN is probably the most well-known VPN service out there. Well-known for being able to unblock Netflix (and it freed up The Office for me!!) and perfect for maintaining top-level speeds even while streaming.

NordVPN is also one of the top rated when it comes to privacy. So if that’s high on your priority list you may have found your match.


ExpressVPN is another very similar to NordVPN that I have tried. I loved the experience and I’ve used it frequently since. IT wasn’t as effective in South American countries, but Mexico worked fine for me. Express VPN is known for unblocking content in European countries.

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