How to Watch 30 Rock on Any Device

If you missed 30 Rock when it aired on NBC, you might be wondering if it’s worth catching up on. Should you watch 30 Rock, or are there other shows that are more worthy of your time? This sitcom definitely isn’t for everyone, but if you check 30 Rock out, you’ll quickly see why it has such a large following.

What Is 30 Rock?

30 Rock is a comedy series created by Tina Fey. The show takes a behind-the-scenes look at a fictional sketch comedy series, TGS. Although the series was inspired by Fey’s experiences as a writer on Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock is highly satirical and doesn’t feature real-life events.

Tina Fey also plays the role of the show’s star, Liz Lemon. Lemon is the frazzled head writer of TGS. Her main foil — and friend — is Jack Donaghy, a network executive played by Alec Baldwin. In addition to dealing with Donaghy’s interference, Lemon must wrangle the stars of her show, the attention-seeking Jenna Maroney and loose cannon Tracy Jordan.

Although 30 Rock sometimes struggled in the ratings, it was a huge hit with critics and had plenty of devoted fans. Many stars appeared on the show in guest roles, like Matt Damon, Steve Martin, and Oprah Winfrey, who played herself. The show received many awards, including numerous Emmy Awards, SAG awards, and a Peabody.

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Where to Watch 30 Rock

While 30 Rock originally aired on NBC, it’s now available on several different streaming services. Currently, the show is available on Peacock, Netflix, and Hulu. You can also buy or rent episodes of the show from Google Play, Vudu, Amazon, or iTunes.

Reruns of 30 Rock can also be viewed on live television. WGN America and Comedy Central currently own the syndication rights to the show. However, if you do opt to watch 30 Rock in syndication, you may not be able to see the entire series.

Can You Watch 30 Rock for Free?

You can watch 30 Rock for free with ads on the Peacock streaming service. If you want to watch the show without ads, you’ll need a Peacock Premium Plus subscription. If you don’t have a Hulu subscription, and you haven’t had one in the past, you could also take advantage of a free trial to check the show out.

30 Rock has also been released on DVD and Blu-ray, which means you may be able to rent the show. Check your local library to see if the show is available to rent. Many libraries allow you to rent movies and TV shows at no charge.

How Many Seasons Are There?

There are seven seasons of 30 Rock, with 139 episodes in total. While the majority of the show can be seen on streaming services, there are four episodes of the show that are no longer in circulation. There is also an hour-long reunion special that can be viewed on Peacock.

Although the show had a long run, getting through all seven seasons isn’t too difficult of a prospect. Episodes have a runtime of approximately 22 minutes, making the show ideal for binging. Even if you don’t have much time, you can relax and laugh along with an episode or two of 30 Rock.

If you’re a fan of comedy, and you don’t mind shows that are a little out there, you’ll have lots of fun when you watch 30 Rock. Not only is the show laugh-out-loud hilarious, but it had a huge impact on pop culture. Many of the show’s lines and characters are still referenced today. Just make sure you watch the show in order — it has plenty of in-jokes!

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