How to Watch The Chosen on Any Device

There are plenty of shows and movies that have been brought to life thanks to crowdfunding, but none of them have raised as much money as The Chosen. The first season of the show received more than $10.2 million from investors, breaking the record for crowdfunding for a TV series or movie. Does the show live up to the hype? You’ll have to watch The Chosen to find out.

What Is The Chosen?

The Chosen is the first-ever multi-season TV series about the life of Jesus Christ. Although Jesus has been portrayed in films and limited series before, this show takes a different approach. It aims to how Jesus of Nazareth through the eyes of the people around him.

The show has a wide cast of biblical characters, as well as characters that were created for the series. The Chosen is directly based on the bible, but it does feature some original events and dialogue. The show’s creators have stated that their goal is to accurately convey the stories told in the Gospel.

The role of Jesus is played by Jonathan Roumie, who has also appeared on shows like Chicago Med and The Mindy Project. Other actors on the show include Elizabeth Tabish, who plays Mary Magdalene, and Shahar Isaac, who plays fisherman Simon Peter. Even though there are no big-name stars in the cast, all of the actors give their all.

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How to Watch The Chosen

The Chosen has been translated into 50 different languages and is available in 180 countries, making it accessible to viewers all over the world. It can be watched on Peacock, YouTube, VidAngel, the show’s Facebook page, and the Angel Studios website. You can also stream the show through The Chosen app. This app is compatible with iOS, Roku, and many other streaming devices.

There are plenty of different options if you want to watch The Chosen, but you should keep in mind that may not be able to find every episode on YouTube or Facebook. New episodes premiere on VidAngel and are added to other services at a later date. The show’s creators have said that they may not add new episodes of the show to other services in the future.

Can You Watch The Chosen for Free?

Not only can you watch The Chosen for free, but you can pick and choose where you want to stream the show. The show has received funding from crowdfunding services and investors, and you can watch the entire series without paying for a streaming service.

Although you can watch The Chosen at no charge, you may have to watch ads. If you watch the series through VidAngel, you’ll be able to see original ads that were created for the streaming service. If you’re sick of seeing the same ads over and over again, you may enjoy watching new ads while you go through episodes of the show.

How Many Seasons Are There?

The Chosen currently has two seasons, with 17 episodes in total. Right now, there are seven planned seasons. The goal of the creators is to tell the complete story of Jesus Christ.

The first episode of The Chosen was initially created as a short film. Because of that, it’s just 20 minutes long. Other episodes are significantly longer. Most episodes have a runtime of 50-55 minutes, which means that watching the entire show could take you quite a while.

The creators of The Chosen have said that their goal is for the show to be viewed by more than a billion people across the globe. If you’d like to help them reach that goal, you should definitely watch The Chosen. Although this is a religious show, it’s designed to be entertaining to all kinds of people.

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