Apple TV+ Subscribers Can Get CBS All Access and SHOWTIME bundle For Only $14.99

Apple TV+ subscribers can now get CBS All Access and Showtime for just $9.99 per month. A whopping 50% discount compared to purchasing both channels separately.

The offer, available through Apple TV Channels, is only for Apple TV+ subscribers in the United States.

Normally, you’d have to subscribe to Showtime and CBS separately for $10.99 and $9.99 per month respectively. But, with the new deal, you can get both for $14.99 per month and this includes Apple TV+.

Learn how to activate Apple TV+ here.

The bundle is compatible with Family Sharing, allowing up to six members of the family access to Showtime, CBS and TV+ without paying an extra fee. If the user stops renewing Apple TV+, the CBS and Showtime subscription return to the normal price.

If you already have a Showtime subscription you can continue to use it and follow this showtime anytime activate guide to get it working on Apple devices. CBS users can also continue to stream content by linking the TV Channels account to your CBS account.


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