Google Assistant: Everything You Can Do & More

Google Assistant is the successor to Google Voice Search. It’s a conversational assistant that’s on par with Siri, Alexa, and Cortana.

We can have conversations with Google assistant to find answers, have fun, plan our day and much more.

We’ve talked about the more than 100 things you can do with Alexa. Here’s 100+ questions and commands to ask/give to Google Assistant.

How to use Google Assistant?

To check if you can use Google Assistant, press and hold the “Start” button or say “Ok Google”. If Google Assistant appears then congrats! You’re ready to get started.

Saying “Ok Google” or pressing the “Start” button for more than a second, opens Google Assistant. You are now ready to start using voice-based queries.

Find answers

Google Assistant allows us to get information and quick answers to a wide variety of queries. For example, checking the time and mathematical calculations.

Find out item prices, define words or ask trivial questions like “How old is Beyoncé?” or “What is the tallest building in the world?


  • How far away is the North Pole?
  • Who invented de stethoscope?
  • Why is the blue sky?
  • What is the capital of Kenya?
  • How many ozs in 2 gallons?
  • What’s the tallest building in the US?
  • When is sunset in Chennai?
  • Who is the US president or when was the EU founded?
  • How tall is Madonna?
  • How many species of whales are there?
  • When is sunrise?
  • When is Cats playing?

Google Search

If you do not want to get a quick answer you can tell the assistant that you want to perform a normal Google search by saying the word “Search …” at the beginning of your query. In this way, you will get a list of Google results.


  • Search for beach destinations
  • Search for zebra facts
  • Search for funny facts
  • Search for my keys

Get to know Google Assistant

Like Siri, Alexa or Cortana, you can also chat with Google Assistant. You can ask personal questions to know more about your assistant. It actually has a great sense of humor.


  • Are you introvert or an extrovert?
  • Are you close to your family?
  • Does AI make you smart?
  • What is your favorite painting?
  • Do you believe in life after love?
  • What are you excited about?
  • Do you enjoy music?
  • Do yo like playing Geography Quiz?
  • What do you like to learn about?
  • If you could work with anyone, who would it be?
  • How many lines of code are you made up of?

Funny things to ask Google Assistant

With Google Assistant, it will be very difficult to bore yourself. You can ask Google to tell you jokes, sing a song, show you funny videos and funny photos, put music on you or put on a game.

For example:

  • I’m bored
  • Recipe a poem
  • Give me a random number
  • Repeat after me “hello”
  • Play a music video
  • Teach me something
  • Help me tune my instrumet
  • Play the name game with the name Jeff
  • Roll a dice
  • Show me pictures of rambutans
  • Give me a trivia question
  • Flip a coin

Play games

Google Assistant includes a great selection of mini-games to pass time. There are trivia games and classic games like the solitaire or Three in a Row. There’s even PAC-MAN.

For example:

  • Let’s play a game
  • Play Trivia
  • Play a game
  • I’m bored

Games to play with Google Assistant

  • Audio games: Lucky Trivia, Mad Libs, Lucky Trivia Sports, Crystal Ball.
  • Chat games: Emoji Party, Emoji Movies.
  • Quiz games: Geography Quiz, Math Quiz, Entertainment Quiz, Vocubulary Quiz.
  • Doodle Games: Komodo Quiz, Candy Cup, PAC-MAN, Wilbur Scoville Doodle, Piñata Party, Eiji Tsubaraya Doodle, Pony Express, Pangolin Love, Rubik’s Cube, Clara Rockmore Doodle, Ludwing van Beethoven Doodle, Magic Cat Academy.
  • Classic Games: Solitaire, Tic-tac-toe.

Set reminders

As its name suggests, it’s an assistant. You can ask for your personal information, such as your calendar.

Check your upcoming events, see your photos from Google Photos, see your emails, track your orders, your reservations and much more.


  • What’s on my calendar?
  • What’s on my calendar this weekend?
  • Tell me about my day?
  • Show me my images from birthdays
  • Show me my emails
  • Show me my photos
  • Show me my email
  • When is my flight?
  • Show me my photos of sunrise
  • Show me my emails to Rachel
  • Is my flight delayed?

Check the weather and time

Google Assistant will also be your weather app. You can check the current weather, 7-day forecasts, check the wind speed and much more of your current position or any location in the world.


  • What’s the weather?
  • What’s the temperature?
  • What’s the weather this weekend?
  • What’s the weather in Zurich?
  • What is the low on Monday?
  • What’s the weather in Celsius?
  • How windy is it?
  • Will it be cloudy this weekend?
  • Will I need an umbrella this weekend?

Keep up with the news

Google Assistant also integrates well with Google News. You can about news in general or for a specific topic. You also can configure podcast sources for your favorite news channels.

For example:

  • What’s the news
  • International news
  • Tell me the sports news
  • What’s the news?
  • Tell me the entertainment news
  • What’s the news about Trump?
  • Sport news

Get sports updates

With Google Assistant, you can keep up to date with sports results and your favorite team. You can check which team won a match, upcoming game dates, etc.

For example:

  • Tell me sport news
  • Who is the fastest man alive?
  • When’s the next basketball game?
  • @google NBA standings
  • What are the NBA standings?
  • Did the Red Sox win?
  • When do the Crusaders play next?
  • Who won the Knicks Game?
  • When does Manchester United play?
  • Did Real Madrid win their last game?
  • When are the Stanley Cup playoff?
  • Tell me the Dodgers standings

Travel information

If you are traveling and sightseeing in a city you can check the status of flights, find hotels, restaurants, attractions, museums, find flights to a certain destination and much more.


  • What’s the status of JetBlue flight XXX?
  • When does AF1415 arrive?
  • Restaurantes in Seattle
  • Is AF1415 on time?
  • Where can I hike in Morocco?
  • Attractions in Paris
  • Hotels in Lima
  • Find a hotel
  • Flights to Chennai

Find nearby places

You can find nearby places to go shopping, go to lunch, drinks, check opening hours, show your location on the map, your phone, etc.

  • What is the closest grocery store?
  • Is there a gas station nearby?
  • I am hungry
  • When does Walgreens close?
  • @google burgers nearby
  • Any flower shops nearby?
  • Find a pizzeria
  • Any Italian restaurants nearby?
  • Show me a map of Moscow
  • What are the local bars?
  • Find a steakhouse near me
  • Are there any burger places nearby


You can also start navigating with Google Maps from the Google Assistant. Say you want to go to a certain location, place or business. You can tell it that you want to go by car, foot/walk, bike or public transport.

  • Navigate to the nearest coffee shop
  • Navigate to Toys”R”Us
  • Biking directions to San Jose airport
  • What are the driving directions to a Honda dealership?
  • Get walking directions to Safeway
  • Get directions to airport
  • How do I get to the New England Aquarium?
  • Get transit directions to Toys”R”Us
  • What are the walking directions to Costco
  • Take me to the Museum of Modern Art
  • Navigate to the airport
  • Show me the route to the Grand Canyon

You can also find out things like the traffic from home to work and vice versa.


Google Assistant is also your interpreter. It will help you translate words and phrases into other languages. It’s possible through integration with Google Translate.

  • “Good evening” in Japanese
  • Translate “Hello” to French
  • How do you say “Thank you” in Russian?
  • What is “Airport” in Portuguesse?
  • How do you pronounce “Thank you” in Chinese?

Make calls

Google Assistant allows you to make calls to your contacts, call back or send messages.

  • Make a phone call
  • Call Bob
  • Video call Sally
  • Call Julia’s mobile
  • Place a call to dad
  • Video call Bob on Viber
  • Call mom back
  • Call dad on speakerphone
  • Call Domino’s
  • Call voicemail
  • Redial
  • What is mom’s phone number?
  • Send a message
  • Text John
  • Text mom I’ll see you in 30 minutes
  • Send an email to Sally
  • Send a message to Johh
  • Tell Sally we’ll be 10 minutes late
  • Email Rachel
  • Send message on Hangouts
  • Send a text to Eric
  • Send a Hangouts message
  • Send a text to Eric saying we’ll be 10 minutes late
  • Send SMS to John Where are you?

Open applications and websites

Google Assistant also allows you to use voice commands to open applications and web pages. Some apps can integrate their own voice commands in the Google Assistant to perform voice actions. For example, you can post on Twitter with a voice command.

  • Open Maps
  • Open Drak’s YouTube channel
  • Post on Google+ “I’m visiting San Francisco”
  • Show me the Great Wall of China on Wikipedia
  • Post to Twitter “I’m visiting San Francisco”

Listen to music

Google Assistant also integrates with a wide variety of music applications to start playing music with Google Play Music or Spotify among other services. You can tell the Google assistant to play you any music or a particular artist, album, song or genre.

  • Play some music
  • Play some jazz
  • Listen to Imagine on Spotify
  • Listen to Daft Punk
  • Play dance music
  • Play some workout music

Alarms and reminders and timers


  • Set a reminder
  • Show my reminders
  • Remember to do laundry when I get home at 6 pm
  • Remind me to book tickets tomorrow
  • Remind me to buy milk at 6 pm
  • Remember to book tickets tomorrow in 3h


  • Set an alarm
  • Set an alarm at 8am
  • Set an alarm for weekdays at 8am
  • Show my alarms
  • Set an alarm 3 hours from now
  • Wake me up in 3 hours
  • Wake me up at 6pm


  • Set a timer
  • Set a timer for 5 minutes
  • Cancel all timers
  • Cancel my timer
  • How much time is left?
  • Set a 45 minute timer for lasagna
  • Countdown 1 minute

Control your smarthome

Another of the important features of Google Assistant is that we can also control our home with our voice. We can adjust the temperature of the thermostat, turn the lights on and off and much more.

  • Set the thermostat to 72
  • Dim the lights
  • Turn on the living room lights
  • Is the light on in the kitchen?

Other noteworthy features

Google Assistant also inherits some of the functions of Now on Tap. By launching the Google Assistant, you can see information for what you are currently seeing on our screen.

Also, you can slide up, with the Assistant interface, open to capture and share screenshots.

Yet, there are those who don’t want to use Google Assistant. If this is you, you can read about how to turn off Google Assistant.


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