How to fix Hulu server key expired, playback failure

There’s nothing that annoys me more than watching my favorite shows on Hulu only to run into a server key expired or playback failure error.

More than likely I just have to close the app and restart it or refresh the browser page to get Hulu working again.

But, that doesn’t always work for me and after some digging I found out why Hulu experiences these problems.

Here’s what happens when you find that your Hulu server key expired or when you encounter playback failure issues on Hulu.

The server key used to start playback has expired. Please try restarting the application.

Normally, if restarting the application does not resolve the issue, it means that Hulu is experiencing server issues.

In this case, there’s not much that we as users can do to resolve the problem.

If you’re using Google Chrome, you can always try to clear the cache and cookies on Chrome.

To find out if Hulu is down, you can check Downdetector’s status page for Hulu.

If Hulu is truly down, the best option is to wait until the servers are up and running again to stream your favorite shows.

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