How To Activate Disney Now On Any Device

On a computer, go to You can also use a mobile device. Enter the code displayed on the DisneyNow app. Then, choose your TV provider. You will then be redirected to the TV provider’s website to log in. Once you log in, DisneyNow activates on your device.

Looking for the newer offering Disney Plus? Read on here to learn how to activate Disney Plus.

Activate Disney Now on Roku

  • Add Disney Now by clicking the “Add channel” button on your Roku’s channel store.
  • Open the DisneyNow channel. It will display an activation code.
  • Go to It will ask you to enter the device activation code.
  • Enter the respective code to Activate Disney Now on Roku.
  • Once you click continue, you then have to log in with your TV provider.
  • Once complete, your Disney channel activates on your Roku and you can watch Disney on your TV.

Things To Consider

activate disney now

To activate Disney Now you need an active cable or satellite subscription that includes the Disney package.

An active internet connection is also necessary to complete the activation process. In order to use DisneyNow, you’ll need a supported device.

You must be within the US and its territories, including Puerto Rico, Saipan, Bermuda, Guam, and U.S Virgin Islands.

All the Disney Now features are activated if your package from a participating TV provider includes Disney Chanel, Disney Junior, and Disney XD. Game offerings, however, may vary depending on the platform.

Disney Now is compatible with multiple devices including Android, iOS, Kindle, Roku, and Apple TV. You can also watch online using a supported web browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Brave.

If you enter the activation code and it doesn’t work, it may have expired. Click the menu button on the app to exit. Another activation code will be generated automatically once you open the app again. Try again.