The Best Streaming Services Of 2020

Here’s our analysis of the best video streaming services of the year. The list includes prices, differences, and international availability.


Netflix, the blueprint when it comes to online streaming services, tops the list. It is available worldwide. But, sits US version has a more varied catalog of video streaming content than that of any other country.

Netflix service is somewhat restricted for only US-based viewers to access it. With the full catalog available in the country.

They offer a free trial for 30 days (cancel anytime). You can subscribe to one of three options. The regular, HD and Ultra HD, with the difference in video quality between them.

The only difference other than the video quality is the number of devices that can stream at the same time.

The basic plan is $ 7.99 per month, but limits the quality of the video and only allows one stream at any time.

You can upgrade to other packages to get two or more simultaneous HD transmissions. It works well with a wide range of devices and offers the best services and catalog.


If you choose to go with Hulu’s streaming service, you get to see the latest TV programs and a selection of movies. With Hulu, you can access popular shows on networks like CBS, ABC, and NBC. It is one of the top streaming sites only available in the US.

There is a free and ad-supported version. But, you do not get all the shows on the free plan. You can subscribe for $ 7.99 per month for entire seasons of current and classic TV shows. Hulu also has several original shows. And, it also offers a variety of classic anime series.

Hulu works with companies like Spotify to offer a package for college students for $ 5 per month. You get music streaming via Spotify and TV via Hulu.

They offer add-ons for HBO, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX, and STARZ. Each also offers their own standalone streaming app. More on that later. 

There’s no doubt that you can binge on some of your favorite shows with Hulu. You can sign up for a free trial to test it out and you can cancel your Hulu subscription at any time.

If you ever encounter service key expiration or playback issues, read the linked article to know why and what you can do.

Amazon Prime

For online shoppers, Amazon Prime is a no-brainer. Amazon’s stand-alone video streaming service costs $ 8.99 per month.

With an annual subscription of $99, you can access Amazon’s original services and thousands of popular programs and movies from around the world.

They even reward you with a free Kindle book every month and free two-day shipping. Not to mention prime exclusive deals and discounts.

Amazon Prime Video is available in many countries besides the USA. Including Spain, Mexico, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, and other countries.

You can enjoy watching it on a large number of devices. For example Apple TV, Android, Smart TV, Kodi, Roku, Fire TV Stick, Xbox, and PS4. You can also watch Amazon Prime on your phone.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now offers dozens of streaming channels without cables or satellite dishes. They offer premium streaming options like 65+ channels for a monthly fee of $40 or 85+ channels for $55 per month.

They also offer Cloud DVR and multistreaming. Also, you can access other premium channels such as HBO or Cinemax for an extra $5 per month.

DirecTV offers four levels of plans that include Just Right, Live a Little, Gotta Have it and Go Big. DirecTV is currently only available in the US. They offer a one week free trial for new customers.

YouTube TV

YouTube is a good platform to publish, watch and share videos. It always has been. But did you know that YouTube also offers live TV streaming?

YouTube TV offers unlimited Cloud DVR storage via YouTube servers. Live TV channels include Disney, BBC, NBC, etc.

With YouTube TV, you can keep your content for nine months and watch it from anywhere in the US. All you need is an active internet connection.

A YouTube TV membership supports up to three users at a time and up to six accounts. So, you are not limited when sharing the fun with family and friends. Learn how to activate YouTube on your devices.

There’s a one month free trial for new users and you can cancel your YouTube TV subscription at any time. Also, don’t miss out on our top YouTube tips and tricks you didn’t know existed.

PlayStation Vue – DISCONTINUED

PlayStation fans looking for a true cable-like package can use PlayStation Vue. The starter package is $40 per month.

There is also a package that includes 90 channels, and some premium channels, at $75 per month.

Also, you can access local channels in the US, plus Cloud DVR for those who prefer to record programs.


HBO was the first premium channel to launch live. For a few years, HBO did not want to partner with other cable partners. But, they finally caved and launched an online streaming version called HBO Now. It costs $ 14.99 per month.

HBO’s premium original content channel offers two streaming modes: HBO GO, a cable or satellite package, and HBO NOW, designed for cord-cutters. These broadcasts offer similar content, so do not worry about the differences in titles.

With HBO NOW, you are not limited to watching Game of Thrones, you can keep up with new series seasons like Veep or Westworld and keep track of current events as they happen. Once you subscribe, you can enjoy watching on your PC and other devices.


Showtime is among the best movie streaming sites only available in the US. It is part of Showtime Digital Inc., a company based in New York City.

The standard subscription is $11 per month or $9 per month if purchased through other services such as Hulu and Amazon Prime.

With this, you can access movies and original shows like The Affair, Billions, and Homeland.

If you get your membership through a cable provider, Showtime allows you to watch Showtime Anytime on your tablet, phone, and other devices. You can view shows offline by downloading them.

Here’s how to activate Showtime Anytime on your smart TV and other devices.


The Starz streaming service is best an add-on to other services, as it only offers Starz channels. This is the best option for fans of Starz who want access to their favorite shows.

There is a stand-alone version but you only get access to Starz content like “Outlander” and “Vida.” To watch on other devices, you have to to get started. You must have a valid subscription.

Subscriptions start at $8.99 a month and there’s a 7-day free trial for the streaming service. Learn how to activate Starz on your devices.

CBS All Access

CBS All Access offers original shows that are not available on CBS. For example, “Star Trek: Discovery” and “The Good Fight.”

CBS All Access, you can stream local CBS broadcast stations (depending on where you live). You get access to current CBS shows and sports, as well as CBSN, the 24-hour CBS news channel.

It’s one of the best streaming services for fans of CBS’ programming. But, it’s best to get it as an addon via Hulu or DirectTV Now.

Fox Sports Go

Speaking of sports, Fox Sports Go is an awesome option for the sports fanatics. It allows you to stream live sports wherever you are from any device.

Some live streams include FOX Sports, FS1, FS2, your FOX Sports Regional Network, Big Ten Network, FOX Deportes, FOX College Sports, and FOX Soccer Plus.

Also, you can get Fox Sports Go as an add-on via Hulu, Sling TV, or Fubo TV. There is a free trial and prices vary depending on which live TV streaming service you choose. Learn how to activate Fox Sports Go here.

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