How to power off Roku

I had to tinker around a bit before I finally figured out to turn off my Roku Express.

So, I figured why not show you all how to shut off the different Roku players that you have at home.

Roku 4 and newer

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Easy ways to turn off various Roku players.

  1. Settings

    Go to the settings menu on your Roku.

  2. System

    Go to the section named “system”.

  3. Power

    Choose power.

  4. Choose from the following options

    Auto power off” – Automatically power off the Roku after 30 minutes on inactivity.
    System Restart” – Reboot the system
    Power off” – Completely shut down the RokuHow to power off Roku 1

To start your Roku again all you have to do is press any button on the remote that came with your Roku.

Roku 3 and lower

For Roku 3 boxes and below, there is no setting to turn off the box. However, you can unplug the Roku box from the wall outlet to turn it off.

Also, after about 30 minutes of inactivity, the device goes into power save mode.

Most models of the Roku use about 4 watts of energy when in idle or 6 watts when fully functional.

Other things that you might want to know are how to reset a Roku or what to do when your Roku box freezes or restarts on its own.

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