How To Reset A Roku Remote

To reset a Roku remote:

  • Disconnect the Roku player from the power outlet.
  • Take out the batteries from the Roku remote.
  • Connect your Roku player to the power outlet again after 10 seconds. 
  • When the Roku logo appears on the screen put the batteries in your remote.
  • Wait for the remote pairing screen.
  • If no screen appears, press and hold the Roku pairing button for 5 seconds.
  • Wait for the pairing process to complete.
Roku pairing screen.

Why does my Roku Remote not work?

Your Roku remote might not work if the batteries die or if there is a software/hardwaare issue.

To resolve these issues, unplug the power from your Roku device and wait for 10 seconds before reconnecting the power cable.

Press and hold the pairing button inside the battery compartment of the remote for 5 seconds or until the pairing light on the remote begins to flash.

How do I pair my Roku remote without the pairing button?

If you do not see a pairing button, you have a standard IR (infrared) remote that does not need to be paired to your Roku device. With a standard IR remote, you simply insert new batteries and point the remote directly at your Roku device when pressing buttons