Top 5 Games To Add To Your Roku Device

Roku devices provide hours of TV for your family, but they can also provide brand new games and exciting content for you and your children to enjoy during your downtime.

Whether it is word games you are looking for, or strategic level games, your Roku device can provide you with exactly what you need in just a few simple clicks.

How To Add Games To Your Roku Device

How To Add Games To Your Roku Device

There are two ways that you can go about adding games to your Roku device this is either by computer or on your phone. All you need to do is visit the channel store and begin to add them to your account.

From there you can click on direct links for each game from your box. When you have added them to the box, it may be beneficial to update it. This will help everything to run faster and allow you to enjoy your games much quicker.

Top 5 Games For You To Choose From

Here are the best games for Roku devices:


This popular title had a new lease of life with the anticipated re-release of the Nokia 3310 and has since been incorporated on Roku devices. There are a number of different difficulty settings as well as the old school graphics, allowing you to relive the game in a new and exciting way.

Video Poker

Another popular game to play on Roku devices is video poker. It is a great title for those that are interesting in traditional casino games from leading developers such as Barcrest Games. With the traditional video poker rules on the big screen, you can enjoy hours of fun from your TV, who knows you may even win big!


Another classic game that has had a resurgence in recent years is Tetris. This perfect game is the perfect one to help you pace the time.

With the original rules and all the bright colors on the big screen, this is the perfect way to pass the time, you can even get the family involved.

Whether you have played the game before or not, this is the perfect way for you to enjoy, relax and unwind before watching your favorite shows with your family.

Mine Sweeper

If you remember this classic from the days of old Microsoft running software, then you are in luck. Mine Sweeper is back and better than ever on Roku devices.

Play alone or with friends and enjoy this fasted paced game before settling down and watching TV with the family.

Candy Bear

The final game that is worth downloading is Candy Bear. This game is one for the whole family. By running over bricks, climbing up ladders and pushing crates you have to think strategically to work your way through over 120 levels.

Whether you are playing with your friends, family or on your own, this fun game is perfect for passing the time before sitting down and watching TV with the family.

This along with a number of other games on the platform are ideal for turning your Roku box into a home entertainment system for the whole family.

If you are a family looking for new ways to enjoy family film night then downloading a few games to your Roku box can help you to enjoy downtime before you begin to watch your favorite TV shows.

Due to the internet, there are a number of channels that can be download, allowing you to enjoy smaller indie games as well as other main titles for hours and hours of fun for the entire family. Which of these will you be downloading first?