Comcast, the only cable provider not to integrate with the Starz app via, has announced that it plans to drop the premium cable provider from its lineup altogether.

It’s not clear why Comcast wants to part ways with Starz but it appears that both Starz and Starz Encore¬†will no longer be available through Comcast/Xfinity by the end of 2019.

Earlier this year, CBS offered to buy Starz for a reported 5.5 billion dollars. This, only after 3 years since Lionsgate purchased the network for 4.4 billion dollars. Starz currently has 26.5 million total global subscribers and growing every quarter.

If Comcast does decide to follow through and drop Starz from its line up it stands to lose nearly a third of its American subscribers. At the moment, discussions are still ongoing and there’s still 4 months before the current contract between the two companies expires.

Popular Starz TV shows include Power and Outlander. The former of which reportedly pulls in 1.5 million viewers.

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