How To Cancel HBO Max: Don’t Skip These Steps

If you currently have subscribed to HBO Max, but you no longer want to have it, it’s very easy to cancel it. The problem is that most people do not know-how. They may click on the application on their phone, or another smart device, and have no idea how to make this happen. As with most businesses, their primary objective is to keep you as a customer. They are not going to advertise, in bold letters, how to cancel the service that is allowing them to generate regular revenue. However, it’s easier than you might imagine. The following information will show you how to easily cancel HBO Max before it rebills.

how to cancel HBO max

Open HBO Max

The first step of the process is to open HBO Max on your smartphone. You can also do this on your tablet if you want to. This can be done by simply tapping the profile icon. It is easy to find on any smart device. In general, it tends to be located at the bottom edge of your phone, or it could be on the left edge if you are using a tablet. Additionally, if you have rearranged all of your icons, and it is recent, simply swipe to the left until you get to the last few applications on your phone and it will be there. Click the icon and open up Settings.

Open Up Settings

Once you have opened up the settings section, you will then see the area for subscriptions. This is going to have all of your information. This will include your name, your subscription information, as well as your billing information as well. Once you have tapped on Subscription, you will then want to manage your subscription. Tab on the Manage Subscription area. It is there that you will find the words Cancel Subscription. Once you tap that, you can go to the final section.

How To Cancel Your Subscription

To get to your subscription, simply tap Cancel Your Subscription, and you will be taken to a confirmation section. Simply confirm that you do want to cancel, and also note the date that you have decided to cancel. In most cases, you will have a credit that will allow you to use your subscription until the date when it is supposed to rebill. For example, if you have canceled a week before the subscription is to renew, you can still use HBO Max for the next seven days and it will not rebill your credit card.

If you have never canceled HBO Max before, it’s not as difficult as you might assume. You can also do this if you are currently on the trial. It is the same icon that will lead you into HBO Max, and you will quickly find the settings icon. By following these simple instructions, you can cancel this in less than 60 seconds. It really is that easy. However, if you do have problems in doing so, you can always contact support by going to the main website. One other problem that you may have is that you may have deleted the icon for HBO Max. If that is the case, download the application once again. It will have all of your information saved, and then just follow the same instructions, to go through the cancellation process.

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