How To View YouTube Comments On Xbox One

Unfortunately, you cannot comment or view comments on YouTube through your Xbox One. According to Google, you can only view your subscribed channels, search for content, and use your mobile device as a remote.

How To View YouTube Comments On Xbox One 1

So, if you went ahead and added YouTube to your Xbox One. You can watch your favorite videos. But wait, where are the comments? How do you comment on YouTube videos? You can’t.

It has nothing to do with Microsoft disabling comments on that video way back in 2013. This is just how it is on all consoles.

If you do find a YouTube video while watching on your Xbox then you can go to YouTube on your browser or smartphone to view the comments or leave a comment of your own.

Or you can use MyTube. It costs 99 cents but there is also a free trial that you can use. It’s basically a better version of the YouTube app for Xbox consoles.

With MyTube you can post and reply to comments, listen to videos in the background while you do other tasks, create and manage playlist, download videos, and more.

How To View YouTube Comments On Xbox One 2

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