How to get Twitter desktop version on mobile

I like to save space and battery life by using the mobile websites of my favorite social media apps instead of the app.

Most times I load up the non-mobile Twitter desktop site on my smartphone and I’m good to go.

I mean, the mobile version is good and all but I like to have the full desktop view experience.

Here’s how you can get the full Twitter site on your mobile phone (Android or iPhone) using only a mobile browser.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

View full Twitter website on smartphone

  1. Download Chrome

    Go to the app store on your phone and download + install Google Chrome.

  2. Go Incognito

    Launch Chrome and tap the menu button. Choose “New Incognito Tab”.

  3. Go to a website

    Visit a random website (not Twitter). Then, tap the menu button again and choose “Request Desktop Site”.

  4. Go to Twitter website

    Now in the same incognito tab, go to The full site should now load. If not, just tap the menu again and choose “Request Desktop Site.non mobile Twitter-Desktop-Site

If you are using Chrome, you may want to delete the cache files and data and then try the above steps.

I also write articles on how to do the same for Facebook and LinkedIn.

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