How To Cancel Fubotv: Don’t Skip These Steps

One of the biggest downsides to signing up for a subscription service provider of live TV is having to remember to cancel it. However, a lot of service providers have started to make this process much easier and more transparent. In this article, you will learn about the process that’s required to cancel your FuboTV subscription and some tips to help you along the way.

how to cancel fubotv

Process Of Canceling:

1. Go to

First things first, you’ll want to navigate to Fubo’s website. You can go there by typing “” in your favorite browser.

2. Click On Your Username > My Account

From there, you’ll want to click on your user name towards the top right of the website. At this point, you’ll see a drop-down menu with “My Account” on it. Click on “My Account” and you’ll be sent to a page that shows you all of your account details. With this, you can change your password, link accounts, and more. However, you want to cancel your subscription. To do this, head to “Subscription and Billing” located on the left side of the menu bar. Once you click on this, you’ll be able to view your subscription details. You can make changes to your subscription on this page including adding add-ons or removing them.

You will see “Cancel Subscription” towards the bottom of this page. Click on it and you can proceed with the cancellation.

Tips For Canceling FuboTV:

1. Mark It In Your Calendar

First and foremost, you’ll need to mark the end date of your subscription in your calendar. This is very important because you will likely forget to cancel it if you ignore this. Go to your subscription details and you’ll see when you will be charged next. Set a reminder on your phone with enough buffer to cancel the plan. This can keep you from accidentally getting charged for the following month.

2. Do It Before The End Date

When you want to cancel your FuboTV subscription, it’s recommended to do it before the end date. As long as you are a paying subscriber, you can cancel it before the next billing cycle and retain your subscription for the paid period. However, if you are on a free trial, your cancellation will go into effect immediately. Therefore, you don’t want to cancel it before the end of your current billing period if you are still on a trial.

3. Use The Trials

It’s always a good idea to use any trials that are offered to you. FuboTV is always hungry to add more people to its service. Because of this, they are willing and able to offer you a free trial for signing up. This can be a good way to test the service to see if it’s worth paying for. You can see if they offer the channels you enjoy and the quality you want.

As you can see, canceling FuboTV doesn’t have to be too difficult. Follow the tips above and you can get your subscription canceled without the hassle that normally comes with canceling cable TV.

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