How to Watch Disney Plus on Apple TV?

Disney Plus is one of the most intriguing streaming services especially for die-hard Star Wars and Marvel fans like me. If you’re into any of Disney’s IPs, you’re likely interested in subscribing to Disney Plus.

The good news is that Disney Plus is readily available for a lot of streaming devices including the Apple TV. This article will be detailing everything you need to know about streaming Disney Plus on your Apple TV.

How To Install Disney Plus On The Apple TV 4K Model

  1. Head to your home screen.
  2. Go to the App Store on your Apple TV device.
  3. Search for the Disney Plus application.
  4. Download it by pressing “Get.”
  5. Register and pay for a Disney Plus account or sign in using your existing account.

Why Use The Apple TV For Disney Plus?

One of the biggest things the Apple TV has going for it is the compatibility with all of the other devices in Apple’s ecosystem. If you already have an iPhone or iPad, you’re likely well invested in the Apple ecosystem. Luckily, it delivers one of the best streaming experiences you’ll find in the marketplace especially when it comes to viewing Disney Plus.

For one, it supports AirPlay across various iOS devices including Apple TV. Another good thing about using an Apple TV for your Disney Plus subscription is the compatibility it has with not only 4K resolution but also for both Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision formats.

This ensures that you are getting the best possible streaming experience when you are viewing Disney’s exclusive content like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. You can even use AirPlay to make it easier to browse and navigate the Disney Play app. This makes it even easier to find the content you want to watch.

What If I Have An Older Apply TV That Doesn’t Have The App Store?

If you have an older model of the Apple TV that doesn’t have the App Store built-in, you aren’t going to be able to stream Disney Plus directly through the device. Instead, you’ll need to use a device that is compatible with AirPlay. Use your compatible device that does have the App Store and download the Disney Plus app and sign in. From there, you can begin to play the content you want and AirPlay it directly to your older Apple TV. This will allow you to watch Disney Plus content without having to stream it natively from your older generation Apple TV without the App Store.

Why Should You Subscribe To Disney Plus?

There are so many reasons you should be looking to subscribe to Disney Plus. It’s a service that is only getting increasingly compelling by the day. If you’re anything like me, you are likely looking to subscribe to the new exclusive content they are releasing.

However, if you enjoy watching the older content, it’s an even better value proposition. Disney has the right to some of the best shows and movies anywhere.

Note: Other devices can be activated with Disney Plus by following the instructions at the following link:

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