How to fix “eepc has been corrupted”

I ran into a weird error on my PC recently that read that the eepc or whatever had been corrupted.

I had to a search on the internet to figure out what was happening and this is what I found out.

Most Windows devices that are McAfee enabled may encounter the “eepc has been corrupted” disk error at some point.

Let’s walk you through what causes an eepc disk error and the solution to use to fix it before throwing out your PC.

The “EEPC has been corrupted” error displays when you restart a client system after you upgrade Endpoint Encryption for PC(EEPC) from any version earlier than 5.1.7 to EEPC 5.2.12.

Or, sometimes the error means some unmovable files got moved. And, the only way to resolve the issue is to contact the McAfee/HP/Dell support team.

There is also the “SafeBoot has been corrupted error 92h”, however, there is no need to worry; this guide also teaches how to fix that as well.

How to avoid eepc errors

  • Don’t repartition your drives once EEPC is installed.
  • Don’t install anything not approved by your IT team
  • Don’t use third-party defrag tools, use the one built into Windows.

What to do to solve eepc disk error

To fix the eepc has been corrupted error, McAfee advises that you perform an emergency boot using WinTech or  SafeTech. This guide or this one is helpful.

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