How To Cancel Philo: Don’t Skip These Steps

Philo is noted for being a wonderful option for those who want to enjoy quality content and want to do it in one place.

However, sometimes you are not going to be a fan of it any longer and that is fine too.

Here is a look at how to cancel Philo and what is required to complete the cancellation process.

how to cancel philo

1. Log Into Your Account

The first thing you are going to do is go to the main page. This will ensure you get to the account and log in to get started with the cancellation.

Please note, you will have to make sure the account is the right one. If you have multiple accounts that are linked to the same device, it is important to ensure you are only going into the one that is relevant for this process.

Once you do this, you will want to fill in the details and get into the main account page to begin the process.

2. Go To The Account Page

You are now going to have access to the account page.

Your goal is to visit the account page at the top and click through. This will take you to the main user settings where it is possible to cancel the account.

Go through all of the information and make sure it is the right account once again. This will ensure any cancellation that goes through is for the account that you want to cancel.

3. Click “Cancel My Account”

When you are ready to move forward with the cancellation, take the time to go through the details again and then click “Cancel My Account.”

This will complete the process and you are going to be moved forward to the submission page. This is all you are going to need to do when it is time to cancel the account.

4. Submit Cancellation

When you are ready to move forward, submit your cancellation and it will go through right away. It is important to note, your cancellation is still going to run until the end of the period. You have paid for this and the account will continue to run until this period finishes.

As a result, you might notice the account continues to remain open even after the submission has gone through. You are going to get an email stating the account has been canceled and that it will end when the period concludes.

5. Verify The Email

This is a step that is important to keep for your records.

You will want to have the email in your possession to ensure you have proof of the cancellation in case they charge the account age.

Put this email somewhere safe and then check when the payment period ends. If the payment doesn’t go through, this means the cancellation was successful.

Final Thoughts

Philo has made it as easy as possible to go through the cancellation process. Take your time to follow the steps and make sure you are completing everything with care to avoid making mistakes.

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