What Channel Is STARZ On Different Cable Providers?

There’s no doubt that STARZ TV shows are obsessable. They are, after all, one of the best cable television networks. But, what channel is STARZ on your favorite network? Here are all the channels that you can find STARZ on your cable provider!


AT&T TV (formerly DirecTV) offer Starz as part of their premium package. If you have a subscription that includes Starz, here’s where to watch Starz on DirecTV:

STARZ Kids & Family HD525
STARZ Comedy HD526
STARZ (East) HD527
STARZ (West)528
STARZ Edge HD529
STARZ in Black HD530
STARZ Cinema HD531

Verizon FiosTV

Starz hit Fios with a bang and offered a free preview for customers. Since then, it has been part of the lineup on the following channels:

HD Starz West341
HD Starz Edge West343
Starz In Black344
HD Starz Cinema346
Starz Encore West351
Starz Encore Classic352
Starz Encore Classic West353
Starz Encore Westerns354
Starz Encore Westerns West355
Starz Encore Suspense356
Starz Encore Suspense West357
Starz Encore Black358
Starz Encore Black West359
HD Starz Encore Action360
Starz Encore Action West361
Starz Encore Family362
Starz Encore Espanol363
HD Starz Edge342/842
Starz Kids & Family345/845
Starz Comedy347/847
Starz Encore350/85


Starz and Optimum have had hiccups in the past but, after reaching an agreement, they now offer Starz on the following channels:

Starz on Demand340
Starz Kids & Family342
Starz Edge 343
Starz in Black344
Starz West345
Starz Comedy346
Starz Cinema347
Starz Encore On Demand350
Starz Encore351
Starz Encore Suspense352
Starz Encore Westerns353
Starz Encore Classic354
Starz Encore Black355
Starz Encore Family356
Starz Encore West357
Starz Encore Action358
Starz Encore Espanol359/1056


Here is the channel lineup for Starz on Comcast/Xfinity. The only cable provider that does not allow you to sign in to the Starz app. A free app that cost nothing which allows you to stream Starz on your mobile devices.

Starz Encore HD1773
Starz Encore Action1775
Starz Encore Classic1779
Starz Encore Suspense1782
Starz HD1868
Starz Edge1870
Starz in Black1872
Starz Kids1874
Starz Cinema1876
Starz Comedy1878

Dish Network

Starz West351
Starz Edge352
Starz Cinema353
Starz Comedy354
Starz in Black355
Starz Kids & Family356
Starz Encore340

As a note, you can also stream Starz as a stand-alone package directly by subscribing through their website. For new subscribers, you can use the Starz free trial to decide if this is something you want.

You can cancel Starz before the trial ends if you don’t like it. You also need to activate Starz to stream it on devices like Xbox, iPad, and others. However, there is no Starz app for PS4 consoles. Reach out to the Starz help hotline to resolve issues you have with their direct service.