How To Return Directv Equipment

The easiest ways to return Directv equipment are through FedEx or UPS, using the return label shipped with your equipment, or by using a Directv return kit.

Return Directv Equipment Using FedEx or UPS

  • Go to the nearest FedEx or UPS office.
  • You need the 9-digit account number at the top of your box. Your account number is also on your bill.
  • At the FedEx or UPS store, they will pack all the equipment and send it to the company for free.
  • You will get a receipt confirming your return to the company.

Return Directv Equipment Using Return Label

  • Use the materials found in the box your new equipment came in to pack up your equipment.
  • Remove the bottom receipt tab on the return shipping label. 
  • Stick the return shipping label over the original label.
  • Remove all other labels.
  • The return label is NEEDED or it won’t be sent back to AT&T/Directv.
  • If you have DIRECTV or Fixed Wireless Internet – Drop it off at a post office or any FedEx location.
  • U-verse TV or AT&T Internet – Drop the box off at an authorized UPS drop-off location.

Return Directv Equipment Using Return Kit

  • Contact Directv customer service and let them know that you want to return your receiver.
  • Wait to receive the prepaid shipping label and return kit.
  • Pack all the equipment into a box.
  • Attach the prepaid shipping label which is included in the kit at the top of your box.
  • Give the package to your mail courier or take the package to the post office yourself.