5 Essential Google Apps To Use Everyday

Google is the most popular search engine. But, Google also creates other apps and services to make our lives easier. Here are five must use Google apps:

Google Maps

Whether traveling to work or heading home, Google Maps makes it easy to navigate and find the fastest route to your destination. You can see the current traffic conditions, avoid toll roads, and get updates on the estimated time of travel.


Gmail is Google’s email service. However, with the Gmail app, you can link your Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, or other email service and get all your mail one super-organized mailbox.

Google Photos

With Google Photos, you can save all your videos and images in the cloud for free. Access them anywhere from any device with an internet connection and a web browser. You can also use the Google Photos app to download or edit photos.

Google Search

Google Search is an impressive state-of-the-art app that lets you search for and find information on any topic. There are a mobile app and a traditional browser-based search engine.

Google Music

With Google Music, you can listen to any song you want just as you would with Spotify or Apple Music. Stream from mobile and desktop, download for offline listening and sync your playlist across platforms.

All of these must use Google Apps are able to work perfectly with Google Assistant. So, you can say, Hey Google, how do I get to Time’s Square and it will pull up Google Maps with directions. Or, you can say Ok Google, play music to start music from your favorite music app.