How To Activate My Vanilla Card

When you purchase a vanilla card at a retailer, the card is activated at the cash register for you.

Otherwise to activate your “my vanilla card” online

  • Go to
  • Select yes when asked, “Do you currently have either a MyVanilla Card or a Mio Money Card?”
  • Enter your MyVanilla prepaid card number.
  • Enter your MyVanilla Card CVV.
  • Click submit to activate your card.

If you are having trouble while activating the MyVanilla card, contact Customer Care at 1-855-686-9513.

When you activate the MyVanilla card, you can reload it with the funds through a direct deposits.

Also, several retailers allow you to reload the Vanilla card at the register using cash.

Some fees may apply. Always be sure to ask or check the card website for terms of service.