How to Watch Peacock On a Samsung Smart TV?

Are you someone with a Samsung Smart TV? Do you use it for all of your streaming needs? Newer Samsung TVs from 2018 and onwards have Tizen OS which has a lot of native apps that are likely to satisfy the majority of your needs. Downloading and using the streaming apps you want is relatively straightforward.

While Peacock is readily available for browsers and even Android and iOS devices (Or my trusty Roku), it’s not as easy to do on a Samsung Smart TV. Unfortunately, Peacock did not create an app dedicated to Samsung TVs. Therefore, they are unsupported devices. On their website, they indicate that they are continually looking to add support to currently unsupported devices like Samsung TVs if that’s any help.

Can You Watch Peacock On a Samsung Smart TV?

Fortunately, you aren’t necessarily out of luck if you want to get in your daily binge-watching session of The Office. If you’re like me, you can’t go a day without watching an episode of The Office. There are ways to stream Peacock on your Samsung TV.

Unfortunately, most of them require you to purchase a third-party streaming dongle or dedicated streaming device. You can use any supported streaming device to download and watch Peacock on it ranging from a PC to a table to a dedicated streaming media player like Roku or Android TV.

If you are going to be getting a dedicated streaming player for Peacock and other services, you will want one that offers all of the features you are looking to take advantage of with your TV. For instance, if you have one that is 4K, you’ll want a streaming media player to take advantage of it by being 4K compatible.

Stream Peakcock Using Built-In AirPlay 2 Support On Your Samsung Smart TV:

If you currently have a newer Samsung Smart TV, you might not be out of luck. If you have one that was manufactured after 2018, you likely have a newer model that supports the AirPlay 2 feature out of the box. This is a feature that enables you to stream directly to your Samsung Smart TV without the need for wires or dongles.

However, the only caveat is that you have to own an Apple device whether it be an iPhone, iPad, or Mac laptop or computer. This is perhaps the most convenient and the easiest way to get Peacock on your Samsung TV.

Using a Samsung Device

You are also in luck if you have a Samsung mobile device whether it be a phone or a tablet. If so, you can use Smart View or Screen Sharing. Simply open up your Smart View application on your Samsung device and you can choose to mirror your screen to the TV.

While it’s certainly not as good as if Peacock made a dedicated app, it will allow you to re-watch your favorite The Office episodes without having to squint at your small phone’s screen.

Is Peacock Worth Getting?

Peacock might be more of a hassle to watch on a Samsung Smart TV than you might like, but they have the exclusive content that you might want. If you are someone who is a big fan of The Office, they will be exclusively streaming it on Peacock.

Therefore, you are kind of stuck with it. Luckily, Peacock does come with a free tier if you aren’t interested in adding another paid subscription to the mix.

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