How to Change Language on Disney Plus in 1 Easy Step

Disney Plus is a streaming service that came out several years ago. It provides access to most of the Disney movies that have come out over the decades. Since its acquisition of Marvel for a total of $4 billion, it needed a way of providing this as a streaming service for the many fans of these programs. Today, Disney Plus is an exceptional service. However, there are some people that may not speak the English language. Therefore, there are settings that you can use to adjust the language to one that you would prefer. Here is an overview of how to change the language settings on Disney Plus.

how to change language on disney plus

How To Change Language Settings On The App

When you click on the icon for Disney Plus on your smart phone, it will take you directly into the application itself. At the top, you will see recommendations for the latest movies that are available. Below that, you can click on movies that are from Disney itself, along with Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and even National Geographic. Below that, you will see shows that are recommended to you, and below that new movies and shows that have recently come available. In order to change the language settings, you will click on the circular icon that has a Mickey Mouse picture, which will take you into the Edit Profile settings.

What To Do In The Edit Profile Settings

Once you are in Edit Profiles, that you would like to edit. These are located at the top. When you initially selected your pictures, and your name, simply find your icon and click that one. On the next screen, you will see several different options. There is an autoplay option, and directly below that is the app language option. It is typically set to English if you are in the United States. By tapping the language displayed, it will take you to another page where you can select a language that you would prefer. Once you have tapped that language, you will be brought back to the prior screen and it will be set for that language when displaying information.

How To Complete The Process

Once you are back on the edit profile screen, you will see the word Done at the top right corner. Once you click that, you will be taken back to a page with the icons of everyone that is part of your account. Click your icon again, and that will take you back to the main page with all of the movies. That’s all you have to do to edit your language settings on the Disney Less application.

This will work the same for applications that are on a tablet computer where this has also been downloaded. You will also be able to edit similar settings when logging in through a computer. This will enable anyone regardless of where they live, to read the names of movies and descriptions on the Disney Plus application. Their primary objective is to make sure it is easy for everyone, no matter what language they speak, to understand what movies and shows are available.

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