iPad Not Playing STARZ Videos

If your iPad is not playing STARZ videos, here’s what you can do to fix it:

Check Service

The first thing you want to is to check that Starz is up and running. You can use an online service like downdetector or you can go to STARZ website directly.

Restart iPad

Close the STARZ app and force restart your iPad. To close the STARZ app, open your recent apps and swipe up on the app to close.

Restart your iPad by pressing the home and the sleep button at the same time until it turns off.

Download The Video

If you are streaming the video and it freezes, maybe your internet connection is not performing well. Try downloading the video to watch offline instead.

To download a video on STARZ, search for the cloud icon on the top of the video link.

Once your iPad has enough space is available on the device, you can start the download by clicking on the ‘Cloud’ icon and watch it offline.