How to Watch Netflix in Mexico: With or Without Using a VPN

With your Netflix subscription you have access to 100s of thousands of titles in various different languages. However, there is one hang-up– Netflix still controls which movies and TV shows you can watch based on which country you are currently in.

In my case, I wanted to watch the office when I was traveling to Mexico on vacation. Yeah, I know I suck at vacationing and I was watching TV when the beach was a few hundred meters away…

Anyways, I was trying the watch Netflix in Mexico, and I could get the movies that I wanted for the life of me.

That’s when I discovered the wonderful world of VPNS…

By simply logging into a VPN like NordVPN or ExpressVPN (There are literally tons out there), I can tell Netflix that I am located somewhere else while I am still physically living it up on the beach in Mexico.

Can I Watch Netflix in Mexico Without a VPN?

Short answer: Yes. You can watch a lot of Netflix titles in Mexico. However, the availability of certain titles is extremely limited in some countries and you very well may have a hard time finding what you want to watch while in a different country.

Is this Process Foolproof?

Not necessarily. Netflix doesn’t really want you doing this and even though VPNs are a perfectly legitimate way to protect your privacy, Netflix tends to block VPN services every once in a while. That being said, with a good VPN service I haven’t had too many issues. Sometimes you just need to refresh the entry point for the VPN.

Best VPN Options for Watching Netflix in Mexico

I’ve tried just about every VPN service under the sun and this is the list of the best options that I’ve been able to test to watch Netflix in other countries. Keep in mind I’ve tested most of these in various locations across the globe, but not necessarily every single one in every possible country out there. That being said, here is your list!


NordVPN is probably the most well-known VPN service out there. Well-known for being able to unblock Netflix (and it freed up The Office for me!!) and perfect for maintaining top-level speeds even while streaming.

NordVPN is also one of the top rated when it comes to privacy. So if that’s high on your priority list you may have found your match.


ExpressVPN is another very similar to NordVPN that I have tried. I loved the experience and I’ve used it frequently since. IT wasn’t as effective in South American countries, but Mexico worked fine for me. Express VPN is known for unblocking content in European countries.

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