GPC’s groovy “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

This fall semester, the Theatre Arts Guild at Georgia Perimeter College performed William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” They put an interesting contemporary twist to it by setting the scene around the 1970s instead of the original Ancient Greece era. The Cole Auditorium stage at the Clarkston campus was filled with dangling umbrellas and dim-lighting, […]

Same weed, many dealers

The ever changing views on pot dealer stereotypes By: Naya Clark Weed, or marijuana, seems to be growing in popularity, in consumerism and media coverage within the last few months. Between the legalization and decriminalization in various states across the United States including Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, it seems like there’s always news about this […]

Xanax: Beyond the pharmacy

Prescription drug exploration has become constant in today’s culture. Through Google searches and popular culture a working knowledge of how drugs operate– prices, how they’re sold and street names–is easy to obtain. Xannies (Zannies), Bars, Benzos and White boys are all nicknames for Alprazolam–brand name Xanax. Xanax is the most abused benzodiazepine, delivering feelings of sedation […]

Commencement Canceled

About midway into the semester future graduates were told that there will be no fall commencement. The Commencement Committee, comprised of Doug Ruch, college’s registrar, a few faculty members and co-chair Coletta Carter, assistant vice president for student development & special programs, recommended the cancellation of the Fall graduation. Their recommendation was finalized on Thursday, […]

GPC Welcomes Nursing Students At Fall Orientation Program

Future nursing students for Fall 2013 attended their annual orientation and bootcamp held on the Clarkston campus on Aug. 6. “The camp is three days where we help the incoming fundamentals of nursing students,” said Jennette Crawford Nursing and Tutorial Lab Director. “There are 105 starting in the fall. They get orientated to the student […]

Sweet Hut: A young entrepreneur at work

A “tea-licious” interview with Sweet Hut’s Rachel Ewe Tea is a refreshing, versatile, and a popular beverage loved by all across the globe that has evolved from the traditional steep and brews such as English breakfast and green tea to not- so-traditional beverages such as tea infusions and the rapidly popular bubble tea. These popular and innovative […]

Midnight Mural – A revealing look at what happens in the prison system regarding sexual harassment and assault

The Picture It’s a Friday night, you and some friends take part of the night life of Downtown Atlanta. Hopping from scene to scene, one of your friends accidentally spills a drink on someone. The situation escalates rather quickly and it results in a small fight. During the fight, someone hits their head on the […]

Picture perfect: Couple shares sex life in good taste

By: Joseph Richardson Love can be shown through many different gestures: flowers, matching bracelets, chocolates, love notes, FaceTime or a promise ring. Certain people prefer a public display of sexual love and affection. Out there in the vast world of social media lies a blog dedicated specifically to this type of affection. Tumblr lays hold […]

Consolidation update: What GSU President Becker says

By: Farhin Lilywala On Feb. 24, as requested by Georgia State President Mark Becker, leadership from the Clarkston campus gathered in the CN building. Attendees included most Consolidation Implementation Committee members, as well as other faculty and staff members, totalling about 50-60 people. At this meeting, Clarkston Dean of Student Affairs Matthew Robison and Clarkston Dean […]

What do you get when you cross a Jaguar with a Panther?

“That has yet to be determined,” says GPC interim president Rob Watts. By: Farhin Lilywala Effective early 2016, GPC Jaguars and Georgia State University (GSU) Panthers will merge into one university. The Board of Regents, a unified governing body for public higher education, made the official announcement at their last meeting on Jan. 6 at […]