10 Different Types of Tractors – Explanation + Visual Guide

Tractors are one of the most popular types of farm equipment. But, did you know that there are many different types of tractors? Tractors also double as a type of construction vehicle and help make moving heavy loads a breeze.

Types of Tractors

Used as a piece of farm equipment, tractors are mostly used to plow the land. Some of the popular tractors brands include; John Deer, Kubota, and Massey Ferguson.

Nowadays, there are all kinds of tractors. For example,

  • Sub-compact Utility Tractor.
  • Compact Utility Tractor.
  • Utility Tractor.
  • Specialty Tractors.
  • Backhoe Loaders.
  • Track Type tractors.

Sub-compact Utility Tractor

Sub-compact Utility Tractor
Sub-compact Utility Tractor

These types of small tractors are mostly used for farming. Sub-compact utility tractors have small engines and less horsepower than other tractors.

You can take apart a sub-compact utility tractor and fit it back together when needed. Due to its small size and separatable parts, it’s one of the most flexible tractors. It can be used for landscaping, gardening, raking, and land maintenance.

Three types of tractor brands

Compact Utility Tractors

compact utility tractor
Compact Utility Tractor

This is another one of the types of tractors used in agriculture though not on a commercial level The Compact Utility Tractor has a little more horsepower than the sub-compact utility tractor. 

Compact utility tractor in use.

Utility Tractors

utility tractor
Utility Tractor

Utility tractors have better horsepower than both sub-compact and compact tractors. These are the kinds of tractors that you see being used for landscaping and farming.

They have multi-purpose functions so, as a farmer, you do not need to buy different parts of the machine separately.

These tractors have various parts attached and many other types of equipment for performing other work and tasks in the field.

Types of Tractor Brands Comparison

Specialty Tractors

4 different types of tractors (specialty tractors).
4 different specialty tractors.

These types of tractors vary in terms of horsepower and use. For example, there are different kinds of tractors used for harvesting different kinds of crop. They come in varying sizes and with different parts.

Specialty tractor uses.

Backhoe Loader Tractors

backhoe loader tractor
Tractor with Front End Loader & Backhoe

These can also be used as a type of construction equipment. Backhoe loader tractors are great for digging, small construction work, transportation of building materials, crushing small rocks, landscaping and they can even be used for paving roads. 

 Large Wheel Loader Tractors

Large wheel loader tractor
Large wheel loader tractor

Large wheel loaders tractors are heavy equipment vehicles that load or move aside building materials like sand, rocks, debris, etc.

These tractors have many other names like bucket loader, front end loader, or wheel loader.

There’s a wide bucket connected to the tractor to scoop up materials such as the sand, construction debris, etc.

Garden Tractors

lawn tractor, garden tractor
Gas Hydrostatic Lawn Tractor

These types of tractors usually have between 1 to 20 horsepower. Garden tractors are small and are used to cut grass and for creating flower beds. They’re also called lawn tractors and are great for cutting lawns (but you already knew that).

Implement Carrier Tractors

These types of tractors carry and mount different types of implements. For example, they can mount drills, sprayers, seed drills, rotary sweepers, loaders, and dusters.

Row Crop Tractors

row crop tractor

These kinds of tractors are good for weed control, leveling, plowing, harrowing, and pulling seed drills.

Rowcrop tractors are general-purpose or tailored specifically to the growing of crops grown in rows, and most especially to cultivating these crops.

These tractors are universal machines, capable of both primary tillage and cultivation of a crop. There are also row crop cultivators, row crop planters, row-crop sprayers
and row crop fertilizer spreaders.

Orchard Tractors

orchard tractor

Orchard tractors are designed for the particular needs of tending to fruit trees and vineyards. It’s a type of specialty tractor.

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