Sweatpants are in and they are in for every season! Here are the different types of sweatpants that you can wear.

Basic Length Sweatpants

These are the standard sweatpants. In length, they are neither too short or too long. Most reach to ankle length.

Once you get your size correct, they won’t be too tight nor too loose. They fit snugly with just the right amount of breathing room.

Cropped Sweatpants

Cropped sweatpants are shorter. They only reach about mid-calf. Think of them as capri pants (a kind of pants every girl should have) but for casual events.

Different colors and styles of cropped sweatpants.
Different Capri Sweatpants

Drawstring Sweatpants

This type of sweatpants is the most popular. People love them because of the adjustable waist which gives a bit more flexibility when choosing a size that can fit.

Different colors and sizes of drawstring sweatpants -  a type of sweatpants.
Jerzees Sweatpants Sweat Pants 

Elastic Cuff Sweatpants

Elastic cuff sweatpants are tighter around the ankles. They’re great for the autumn months because the tighter cuff keeps the cold breeze out.

Elastic Waist Sweatpants

These are basic run-of-the-mill types of sweatpants with an elastic waist (stretches). You typically see people using them as for running/jogging. I know I see a lot of them.

Pocketed Sweatpants

The only thing special about these types of sweatpants is that they have pockets. I say this to say that not all sweatpants have pockets.

Relaxed Fit Sweatpants

Relaxed fit sweatpants have a little extra room around the leg, thigh and crotch area.

Sweatpants Materials

A sweatpants can be made of a variety of materials. The most common are:

  • Cotton
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Spandex

Best Sweatpants For Men

  • Slim Jogger Sweatpants. Todd Snyder.
  • Escobar Sweatpants. Saks Fifth Avenue.
  • The Classic French Terry Sweatpant. Everlane.
  • Midweight Terry Slim Sweatpants. East Dane.
  • Men’s Therma Tapered Training Pants. Macy’s.
  • FILA Racing Sweatpant. Urban Outfitters.

Best Sweatpants for Women

  • U.S. Polo Assn. Womens Printed French Terry Boyfriend Jogger Sweatpants.
  • Champion® Jersey Jogger Pants – JC Penny.
  • Beyond Yoga Lounge Around Jogger. Zappos.
  • Ara Jogger – Cotopaxi
  • On the Fly 7/8 Pant. Lululemon.

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