10 Pet Crabs For Pet Lovers To Keep

There’s no doubt that there are many different types of crabs. In fact, there are over 5000 species of crabs in existence. However, not all crabs are meant to be pets.

types of pet crabs
Vampire Crab

Types of Pet Crabs

Different species of crab vary in size and behavior. Some crabs make great pets, whereas others aren’t fitting to keep as a pet. If you’re looking to keep a crab as a pet, here are the top 10 types of pet crabs that you can keep.

Rainbow Land Crab

This is a land crab (as the name suggests) but it does need a bit of water to keep it happy. And, given the name, you probably already guessed that Rainbow land crabs are very colorful.

Rainbow crabs are usually purple, blue, orange and cream in color. They are small crabs and can be kept in a small tank. However, it’s best to keep them in pairs. Ensure that the tank has a water area and a land area.

rainbow land crab (pet crab)
Rainbow Land Crab

Vampire Crab

Vampire crabs are a relatively new species of crabs. They are so named for their glowing yellow eyes. These freshwater crabs have bright orange shells and claws. Their attractive coloring and captivating eyes make them one of the most sorted after types of pet crabs.

types of pet crabs
Vampire Crab

Halloween Moon Crab

The Halloween Moon crab has a black shell, orange legs, and purple markings on their claws. They are also known as the Halloween Hermit Crab.

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While they are quite social crabs, its best to keep them separate as they will fight each other (even to the death). Short periods of interactions are fine, however.

10 Pet Crabs For Pet Lovers To Keep 1
Halloween Crab

Fiddler Crabs

Fiddler crabs can live together however male fiddler crabs can be very territorial. So, if you do decide to keep pet fiddler crabs, try to keep 1 male per tank (the others being female).

They are saltwater crabs and you will need to add aquarium salt to the water and regulate the salt levels in order for them to survive. Male fiddler crabs have a single large claw. One of their main distinguishing features.

10 Pet Crabs For Pet Lovers To Keep 2
Fiddler Crabs

Land Hermit Crab

Some argue that hermit crabs don’t make good starter pets. The reason is that these crabs prefer to be in large groups and their environmental needs are difficult to replicate in a tank setting.

However, if you’re willing to spend lots of time ensuring that the requirements for keeping pet hermits are met then they can be good pets to have in general.

10 Pet Crabs For Pet Lovers To Keep 3
Strawberry Land Hermit Crab

Red Claw Crabs

Red clawed crabs are one of the most popular freshwater aquarium crabs. They also make good starter pets because they don’t need extensive care.

These tiny crabs aren’t picky eaters and like most aquatic pet crabs, they require a dry space in the aquarium where they can come out of the water from time to time.

10 Pet Crabs For Pet Lovers To Keep 4
Red Claw Crabs

Panther Crabs

These pet crabs are popular because of the beautiful markings on their bodies. Panther crabs are orange in color with black spots spread about their body.

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Though they are typically peaceful crabs they will eat other crabs and fish if they are not fed on time. They are also known to be escape artist so a decent and secure lid is needed to keep them in their habitat.

They can grow to a pretty big size and males are also aggressive toward each other so keeping them in a large tank so that they have their own space is a good idea.

10 Pet Crabs For Pet Lovers To Keep 5
Panther Crab

Thai Micro Crab

Also known as the false spider crab, these are extremely small brownish/greyish crabs. They are very fragile and non-violent crabs so keeping them with other docile aquatic animals is a must.

Thai Micro crabs are shy by nature and will spend most of the time hiding between plants, rocks, etc. They do, however, come out when offered food.

10 Pet Crabs For Pet Lovers To Keep 6
Thai Micro Crab

Pom Pom Crab

In the wild, Pom Pom crabs often run around with anemones caught in their claws. This makes them look they are holding little pom poms with their claws.

They use the anemones as a defense system. They are also known as the boxing crab as they box with the anemones if attacked. The anemones can sting which may deter predators.

10 Pet Crabs For Pet Lovers To Keep 7
Pom Pom Crab