15 Different Types of Construction Vehicles – Explanation + Visual Guide

Have you ever wondered about construction equipment names? There are different types of construction vehicles and I’d like to show you what they look like. So, let’s have a look!

Types of Construction Vehicles

Types of Construction Vehicles, construction equipment names
Construction equipment names.

Most of these are some variety of a type of construction truck. So, it may look like a list of construction trucks names and pictures but there are other types of equipment that aren’t trucks as well.


CAT Loader construction vehicle.

Loaders do just what the name implies. It’s a heavy equipment vehicle that is used to load things. A simple way to think of loaders is to picture them as a huge bucket to scoop things like dirt or gravel.

Small Construction Vehicles in action.


excavator construction equipment

Excavator construction vehicles are used for digging. They can also be used to move dirt around. It’s basically a digger or shovel on a truck.

Heavy Equipment Videos


backhoe construction vehicle

This is a two in one construction vehicle. A backhoe has both a backward digging excavator and a loader.


bulldozer construction vehicle

Bulldozer construction vehicles are the most popular types of construction vehicles. They have a sharp shovel that can scrape and move dirt.

Many bulldozers also have a ripper (claw-shaped device) on the rear to loosen or shred hard soil.

Heavy equipment videos – bulldozer in action.

Dump Trucks

regular construction dump truck.

Dump trucks are one of the most popular types of construction trucks. So much so that there is a variety of construction dump truck equipment.

These types of construction equipment have backs that can tilt upward to dump whatever is stored in the container. They are also used to bring material to or away from the site of construction.

Dump truck in action

Off-Road Dump Trucks

Cat articulated dump truck
Cat articulated dump truck.

Off-Road Dump Trucks or Articulated Trucks are big construction vehicles that are used for mining operations. These types of dump trucks are perfect for use on rough types of terrain.

Cat articulated dump truck in action

Transfer Dump Trucks

Transfer Dump Trucks
Transfer Dump Truck

transfer dump truck is a standard dump truck which pulls a separate container (the “B” box) on a trailer. This differs from a “truck and pup” system in that a pup is able to independently dump its load.

Side Dump Trucks

Side dump tipping over.
Side dump tipping over.

These types of dump trucks are best suited for unloading large quantities of debris. Side dump trucks are favored on sites where there is a lot of space to move about because of their length. They lean on the side for dumping and have a reduced risk of tipping over.

Side dump tipping over.

Cement Mixers

Concrete mixer, cement mixer.
Cement mixer

These types of construction vehicles are used to mix and pour cement. They are also known as concrete mixers.

Concrete must be poured out of the truck within two hours to prevent it from hardening inside the truck.  If it does harden, jack hammers or explosives might be used to get it out.

Concrete Mixer Trucks in action.


Mobile Crane

Cranes are specialized types of trucks used to lift heavy items. They can extend and fold when needed and they are used by construction companies to assist in moving heavy materials.

Big Cranes in Action


Like a conveyor belt, these types of construction vehicles move material from point A to point B.


Compactor -  Construction equipment by Volvo.

compactor is a machine or tool used to reduce the size of material such as waste material or bio mass through compaction. In this case, it can be used for soil compaction. You’ve probably seen one flattening the tar mixture during roadwork.


Trenchers are versatile construction vehicles that can dig trenches, lay pipes, install drainage, etc.

Trenchers in action.

Chain Trenchers

Chain trencher
Chain trencher

Chain trenchers are a duo of a digging chain and a track trencher. Their main purpose is to cut ground and to create deep and narrow trenches.

Wheel Trencher

Wheel trenchers have a toothed metal wheel. The main purpose of these types of trenchers is to cut pavements during road maintenance. Construction companies also use wheel trenchers to gain access to under road utilities.

Wheel trencher in action.

Micro Trenchers

Micro trenchers are best used in urban areas where larger heavy equipment vehicles are not viable.

These small construction vehicles have a cutting wheel that cuts micro trenches, rather than huge trenches that would destroy existing infrastructure in the urban area.


Small construction vehicle, Toyota Forklift.
Toyota Forklift

A forklift is a powered industrial truck used to lift and move materials over short distances.

There are several types of forklifts. For example, the pallet jack or industrial telehandler. The difference lies in the amount of weight that each type can lift.

Pallet jack


Motor grader.
Motor grader.

Road graders or motor graders are a type of heavy equipment construction vehicle that is used to remove dirt and flatten surfaces.

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