25 Different Types Of Chairs For Your Home

There are so many types of chairs that you’d be surprised to know that certain ones only go in certain rooms.

Whether you are moving into a new home or redecorating your current house, you will search for new items both online and in stores.

You can even buy used furniture online these days. But, before you do, I want to show you the different styles of chairs that you can get for your home.

Best of all, there are many second hand furniture stores online that can help offset the price of a new piece if you’re on a budget.

Types of Living Room Chairs

A living room with different types of living room chairs.

In my family, we spend lots of time in the living room. It’s where we get together for family movie time. And we all know movie time involves hours of your favorite streaming service.

The styles of chairs in our living room are quite varied and comfy but of all the types of living room chairs, none beats a good old sofa. Here are a few others.


Armchairs are beautiful accent chairs that provide comfort while at the same time still being stylish and multi-use.

My grandfather used to love our armchair. He would sit in it for hours just watching his favorite TV show.

When he wasn’t watching TV, he would read or recount stories to the kids all while in his favorite armchair.

Armchiar - types of living room seating.
The Alcott Hill Manz Armchair as seen on Wayfair.


Another one of the popular types of living room seating is the recliner. Although, in our home, it’s found in my brother and father’s “man cave”.

Barcalounger Verona Recliner as seen on Hayneedle. A type of living room seating.
Barcalounger Verona Recliner as seen on Hayneedle.

The one pictured above is a manual one that’s also upholstered in cloth. However, they come in leather and can also be electronic.

I’ve even seen some lift-assist recliners for persons who have trouble getting out of chairs or who suffer from a disability.

Contemporary Round Chair

Round chairs are one of the many accent chair styles that can fit into most any room or setting.

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They are really snugly and comfy chairs and they normally come in one solid color.

They’re also known as barrel chairs. For example, the Kennedy Barrel chair as seen in the image below.

Kennedy Barrel Chair - an accent chair.
Kennedy Barrel Chair as seen on Wayfair.

Accent Chairs

By now, I’m pretty sure that you know that there are many different types of accent chairs.

More examples of accent chair styles are the wingback, Lawson chair, and Bergère to name a few.

Wingback Chair

The wingback has come a long way. It’s a fashionable piece that has high sides and a long back.

They can be quite comfy chairs and serve as great reading chairs too! Like most accent chairs, they cost around $150 to $300.

Delvale Wingback Chair - a type of accent chair.
Delvale Wingback Chair as seen on Wayfair.

Bergère Chair

Another accent chair style that’s quite popular is the Bergère Chair. This French styled chair adds a touch of traditional royal flair to your rooms.

They have deep wide seats that sit on exposed wooden feet. Some come with removable cushioned seating but others have non-removable padding.

25 Different Types Of Chairs For Your Home 1
Louis XV Bergère Chair as seen on Wayfair.

Lawson Chair

Lawson chairs have either rounded or squared arms. These ares are lower than the back of the chair.

Inside the seating is firm cushioning that is removable. Some have both back support in the form of a cushion and cushion for the seating.

25 Different Types Of Chairs For Your Home 2
Lawson Chair with Cushion as seen on Wayfair.

Types of Chairs for Bedroom

25 Different Types Of Chairs For Your Home 3

Well, a bed would be ideal for your bedroom. But, if you’re like me, then you don’t necessarily always want to spread out on a bed.

I just like to sit back and put my foot up for a bit or snuggle up in a nice round bedroom chair with Ridge (my Labrador). Don’t you?

Club Chair

No, we’re not headed to the nearest club to snatch a chair. But, club chairs are deep seated and roomy chairs that are super comfy.

In France, their name literally means “comfortable chair”. So, if the bed isn’t on the agenda, let your club chair wrap you in comfort and just relax.

25 Different Types Of Chairs For Your Home 4
Bustamante Club Chair as seen on Wayfair.

English Rolled Arm Chair

Soft cushioning, padded rounded arms and a deep comfy seat are what make the English rolled arm chair a great addition to your bedroom seating.

Types of Chairs for Bedroom - English Rolled Arm.
Bashir Armchair on Wayfair.

Lounge Chairs

There are many types of lounge chairs but of all the lounge chair styles to shop for, I prefer the ottoman.

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Like I said, sometimes I just feel like putting my feet up and the ottoman is perfect for that.

25 Different Types Of Chairs For Your Home 5
Belham Living Matthias Mid-Century Modern Chair and Ottoman as seen on Hayneedle.


Get a Chesterfield chair if you want a sofa-like chair for your bedroom but not an actual sofa. You’ll understand once you see it!

Chesterfield style chairs bring the comfort of a sofa without the actual sofa. The tufted upholstery define the Chesterfield and adds a more sophisticated look to your decor.

25 Different Types Of Chairs For Your Home 6
Kogan Chesterfield Chair seen on Wayfair.

Types of Dining Room Chairs

25 Different Types Of Chairs For Your Home 7

After a long day of work, it’s good to sit down with family or friends and have some laughs over a great meal.

What’s a dining room without some stylish chairs, comfy seating, or good laughs?

There are many different types of dining room chairs but here are my top picks.

Bar Stool

Of all the different types of bar stools and I like them all. To pick a favorite is hard but it all depends on what you need.

Do you have a high top table? Do you have an island style table with an overhang?

All these things influence the type and size of your bar stools. You have to measure your table before choosing the right bar stool for your dining room.

25 Different Types Of Chairs For Your Home 8
Belham Living Asher Counter Stool seen on Hayneedle.

Ghost Chair

No, I’m not talking about Casper. And there’s nothing haunted about ghost chairs.

These chairs are transparent, hence the name, and fit nice with modern themed decor.

You can get them with or without arms and in varying sizes and sets. Best of all, they’re quite affordable.

25 Different Types Of Chairs For Your Home 9
Poly and Bark Burton Arm Chair seen on Amazon.

Side Chair

A small side chair can fit into those spaces where conventional seating won’t fit around the dining table.

They are the best option for dining chairs without arms and fit neatly in the center or on the sides.

25 Different Types Of Chairs For Your Home 10
Androscogin Side Upholstered Dining Chair via Wayfair.

Wishbone Chair

Wishbone chairs don’t grant wishes. However, they do offer back support and comfy seating while dining.

You can always tell a wishbone chair by the support up the middle of the back that splits like a wishbone.

Types of Office Chairs

Types of Office Chairs

Whether you work in a conventional office or from home like me, you know that your office seating can help make or break your productivity.

I’ve seen many offices that feature reading chairs and desk chairs. They are the two most popular styles of office chairs.

Reading Chair

Truth be told, a reading chair can be an armchair, a recliner, or a chair with an ottoman. It’s all about your comfort.

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It is the chair in your office that you can just sit back in and relax while reading up on “office things”.

And, as said, there are many different types of reading chairs and it all boils down to your personal preference.

For me, that’s a chair with ottoman. What? I like to put my feet up! Don’t you?

Castle Swivel Lounge Chair and Ottoman - a type of reading chair for your office.
Castle Swivel Lounge Chair and Ottoman – Wayfair.

Desk Chair

This is the chair that sits at your desk. Your main workstation. The style and design of your desk chair depend on how long you stay at the desk. The amount of space available is also a determining factor.

For example, executive office chairs give the best comfort while ergonomic desk chairs cater to your body. A minute difference but an important one nonetheless.

On the other hand, drafting chairs are basic office chairs with improved movement while the typical banker’s chairs customarily have wooden builds with arms.

Then, there are also office stools. No arms or back. And, for the fitness junkies or enthusiast, there’s the alternative stability ball.

So, you get the picture. It all comes down to what works best for your office space and goals. There are lots of different types of desk chairs to choose from.

Types of Outdoor Chairs

Types of Outdoor Chairs

Continuing on with my different types of chairs list are the outdoor chairs. It can be for the poolside, the garden, the patio, or wherever.

Folding Chair

We’ve all seen them at parties, wedding receptions, celebrity award shows, etc.

Folding chairs are easy to set up and store when not in use. I suppose that’s why they are wildly popular.

25 Different Types Of Chairs For Your Home 11
Black Plastic Seat Outdoor Safe Folding Chair – The Home Depot

Wicker Chairs

These chairs are both stylish and durable. Most of them are mono-colored and come as part of a set.

25 Different Types Of Chairs For Your Home 12
Multi Brown Stackable Wicker Outdoor Dining Chairs – The Home Depot

Some are even cushioned and add an even more stylistic touch to your outdoor decor.

25 Different Types Of Chairs For Your Home 13
Dearing Patio Chair with Cushions – on Wayfair.

Chaise Lounge Chairs

Ok, so this is another one of the many types of lounge chairs. By now, you know that kicking back with my feet up is a must on any given day.

When it comes to lounge chair styles, a chaise lounge chair does it best for my outdoor set up.

25 Different Types Of Chairs For Your Home 14
Clarita Reclining Chaise Lounge – Wayfair.

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