The Different Types of Aquarium Heaters

There are different types of aquarium heaters. Each with their own unique features and benefits. Here are the 5 main types of aquarium heaters:

Immersible Heater

An immersible heater is a type of heater that hangs on to the back of the aquarium. The heating apparatus is immersed in the water. It is the most common type of heater and also one of the cheapest.

Submersible Heater

Submersible heaters are made to fully submerge in an aquarium. When using these types of fish tank heaters, make sure that you place them away from the substrate and other tank decorations. There should also be enough space for fish to swim around it.

In-line Heater

In-line aquarium heaters connect to the filtration system in your tank. These heaters are placed between the tank and the filter. They are usually used in larger tanks.

In-sump Heater

In-sump heaters are installed in your sump system. It’s ideal if you want to save space. They are the same as in-line heaters but take up less space.

Substrate Heater

Substrate heaters use heating coils placed on the bottom of the tank. You then use the substrate to cover the coils. They are not common and are the least effective type of aquarium heaters.


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