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A sweater is a woolen vest or jersey, of which there are many different kinds, that are usually worn in cool or cold weather (autumn, spring). Also known as a jumper (British English), most sweaters usually have long sleeves and are made of knitted or crocheted material.

Sweaters are gender-neutral pieces of clothing that are worn by adults and children alike. Traditionally, the material used to make sweaters was wool. However, materials like cotton and synthetic fiber can also be used.

Sweaters are can be worn tucked into your pants or untucked. Some sweaters are suited for formal events and sweaters that are more casual in style. They can be worn on their own, with a dress shirt, tee-shirt, etc.
What is the difference between a cardigan and a sweater?
Pullovers and cardigans are a type of sweater. The cardigan is usually an open front sweater with buttons or zippers while the pullover has no front opening. Sweaters can have a variety of necklines (v-neck, crew neck, etc.) and they usually end at the hips (although longer variations do exist).

So, a cardigan is a sweater with buttons or a zipper down the front. A pullover is a sweater that does not have buttons or a closure in front.
What is the difference between a sweater and a sweatshirt?
A sweater is knitted from either wool or cotton and can have buttons or be a pullover. Sweatshirts are made by cut and sewn, whereas sweater is made by knit circular machine. The fineness of the yarns used is also different. A sweater uses coarser yarn than a sweatshirt does. Sweatshirts also came about after a quarterback decided to work with his father to come up with a better solution for his chafing caused by his uniform.