Tag: Pants

Whether you call them trousers (UK English) or pants (American English) they both refer to a type of clothing that you wear from your waist to your ankle and covering both legs separately. Pants have been around for thousands of years and have grown to become one of the most used and fashionable pieces of clothing to date.

There are many different types of pants and trousers for both men and women. Some are made specifically for women and others specifically for men. However, they are some that can be worn by both. Some women even prefer pants suit instead of dresses or skirts in today’s work setting.

Pants can have pleats, no pleats (flat fronts), cuffs, and, of course, the fly. See pleated pants and flat front pants below for more information. Cuffs refer to the hemming at the bottom of the leg of the pants (usually around the ankle are) that prevent fraying or are for solely stylistic purposes. The fly is simply the part that covers the zipper, buttons, etc. at the opening of the pants.