What Are Screw Back Earrings?

Screw backs are a type of earring back where earring post is threaded and twisted onto the clasp. They are much more secure than friction backs and almost as good as la pousette earring backs. While you screw backs work with different types of earrings they work best with studs. They are secure, easy to […]

What Are Friction Earring Backs?

Friction earring backs are the simple clutch and post style type of earring back. Usually, a metal post passes through the ear piercing, and a flexible ear bolt slides over the post securing the earring in place. They can be used with a variety of earring types but are most common with stud earrings and button […]

What Are La Pousette Earring Backs?

La pousette earring backs are a type of earring back that you use to secure different types of earrings. The la pousette back has two tabs located on both sides which are used to tighten the connectors inside of the earring back. How to Use La Pousette Earring Backs? To use la pousette earring backs, […]

Cartilage Earring Styles You Should Try

Normally, ear piercings are done in the earlobe. The soft fleshy part of the ear. However, cartilage piercings are growing in popularity, with many different cartilage earring styles to choose from, especially with multiple ear piercings. Types of Cartilage Piercings There are four common types of cartilage piercings: helix piercing, tragus piercing, orbital piercing, and […]

Earrings For Guys – A Definitive Guide

Traditionally, men wore earrings such as studs or hoop earrings as their main fashion statement. Stud earrings were customarily made out of diamonds, cubic zirconia, crystals, or gold. The more precious the material, the better (with regard to social status). However, as times have changed, guys now wear different types of earrings. Stainless steel, titanium, silver, and even […]

A History of Guys Wearing Earrings

Long before women wore earrings, men wore many different types of earrings. Shakespeare, Rembrandt, and King James II, to name a few of the more notable ones through history. Ancient Greeks and Romans, as well as Persian and Indian men, wore earrings. American Indian also wore earrings. African warriors? Pirates? They wore earrings too! Even […]

Types Of Earring Backs – Explanation & Visual Guide

Call them what you want. Closures, clips, stoppers, clasps, or hooks. In this article, you will learn about all the different types of earring backs. You know, that piece of metal, plastic, maybe wood, that you use to keep your earring in place. They can be made of other materials too and some popular ones […]