Tag: Chairs

Chairs are one of the most popular pieces of furniture. The word itself comes from the 13th-century English word chaere. In the simplest of sense, a chair is a seat with a back, designed for one person to sit on. There are several types of chairs that include: recliners (chairs that have an extendable footrest), rocking chairs, armchairs (chairs with an armrest attached to the seat), etc. Chairs can be found in a number of places in public, in the home, in buildings, and offices. There are chairs for living rooms, chairs for dining rooms, and chairs for offices. Some chairs go better with certain rooms and decor.

Different types of material can be used to build a chair. Wood, metal, stone, acrylic, or other sturdy materials are the prime options. These materials can also be used together to build the chair. For example, a chair can have legs made of metal while the seat is made of plastic. Although, one types of material is normally used. For example, a wooden chair (made only of wood). The body of the chair can be exposed (hard) or it can be covered in upholstery or cushioned.

The design of the chair plays a role in the usage and how comfy the chair is (ergonomics). Things like the size, weight, durability, among other factors also influence the use of the chair. For example, 24-7 chairs need to be adjustable, ergonomic, and durable to withstand almost constant use (like in a call center).

Some chairs have accessories like chair mats, chair covers, chair pads. Covers to protect the chair from wear and tear. Mats to protect flooring from damage. Pads or cushions to soften the seat and back of the chair. Although, all of the aforementioned can also be used for purely decorative purposes.