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Bears are carnivoran mammals. Presently, there are only eight species of bears that are extant (still living). There are about 7 (modern) extinct species of bears and many others that have been discovered through scientific research of remains. Bears inhabit a variety of areas mostly in the Nothern Hemisphere. For example, bears are found on the continents of North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.
Modern bears have large bodies and stocky legs. They have long snouts, small rounded ears, and short tails. The polar bear is the largest bear species in existence today and is mostly carnivorous. Other species, like the giant panda, mostly feed on plants (in this case bamboo). The remaining species are omnivorous and readily eat what is available in their surroundings (plant or animal).
Bears usually prefer to be by themselves outside of the mating season. They can ve nocturnal or diurnal. Bears have an excellent sense of smell, are capable runners, swimmers, and some are even adept at climbing. Bears use caves and logs as dens and most species use their dens during winter for hibernation purposes.

Bear Classifications

Family:  Ursidae
Extent / Latin Name

Subfamily:  Amphicynodontinae †

      Genus:  Parictis †
38 mya. (million years ago)

                   Parictis bathygenus †
Parictis bathygenus

                   Parictis dakotensis †
Parictis dakotensis

                   Parictis gilpini †
Parictis gilpini

                   Parictis major †
Parictis major

                   Parictis montanus †
Parictis montanus

                   Parictis parvus †
Parictis parvus

                   Parictis personi †
Parictis personi

                   Parictis primaevus †
Parictis primaevus

      Genus:  Allocyon †
28.5-29.5 mya.

                   Allocyon loganensis †
Allocyon loganensis

      Genus:  Kolponomos †
20 mya.

                   Kolponomos clallamensis †
Kolponomos clallamensis

                   Kolponomos newportensis †
Kolponomos newportensis

Subfamily:  Hemicyoninae †

      Genus:  Ursavus †
22 mya.

                   Ursavus brevirhinus †
Ursavus brevirhinus

                   Ursavus depereti †
Ursavus depereti

                   Ursavus ehrenbergi †
Ursavus ehrenbergi

                   The Dawn Bear †
Ursavus elmensis

                   Ursavus intermedius †
Ursavus intermedius

                   Ursavus isorei †
Ursavus isorei

                   Ursavus pawniensis †
Ursavus pawniensis

                   Ursavus primaevus †
Ursavus primaevus

                   Ursavus sylvestris †
Ursavus sylvestris

Subfamily:  Agriotheriinae †

      Genus:  Indarctos †
11.1 – 5.3 mya.

                   Indarctos arctoides †
Indarctos arctoides

                   Indarctos atticus †
Indarctos atticus

                     Indarctos atticus anthracitis †
Indarctos atticus anthracitis (subspecies)

                     Indarctos atticus bakalovi †
Indarctos atticus bakalovi (subspecies)

                     Indarctos atticus lagrelii †
Indarctos atticus lagrelii (subspecies)

                     Indarctos atticus punjabiensis †
Indarctos atticus punjabiensis (subspecies)

                   Indarctos oregonensis †
Indarctos oregonensis

                   Indarctos salmontanus †
Indarctos salmontanus

                   Indarctos sinensis †
Indarctos sinensis

                   Indarctos vireti †
Indarctos vireti

                   Indarctos zdanskyi †
Indarctos zdanskyi

      Genus:  Agriotherium †
9-2 mya.

                   Agriotherium africanum †
Agriotherium africanum

                   Agriotherium inexpectans †
Agriotherium inexpectans

                   Agriotherium roblesi †
Agriotherium roblesi

                   Agriotherium schneideri †
Agriotherium schneideri

                   Agriotherium sivalensis †
Agriotherium sivalensis

Subfamily:   Ailuropodinae
20 mya.

      Genus:   Agriarctos †

      Genus:   Ailurarctos †
8 mya.

                    Primal Panda 
Ailurarctos lufengensis

                    Ailurarctos yuanmouensis †
Ailurarctos yuanmouensis

      Genus:   Ailuropoda
3-2 mya.

                    Pygmy Giant Panda 
Ailuropoda microta

                    Ailuropoda wulingshanensis †
Ailuropoda wulingshanensis

                    Ailuropoda baconi †
Ailuropoda baconi

                    Dwarf Panda †
Ailuropoda minor

                    Giant Panda Bear
Ailuropoda melanoleuca

                      Qinling Panda
Ailuropoda melanoleuca quinlingensis (subspecies)

Subfamily:  Tremarctinae

      Genus:  Plionarctos †
8-7 mya.

                   Plionarctos edensis †
Plionarctos edensis

                   Plionarctos harroldorum †
Plionarctos harroldorum

                   Plionarctos telonensis †
Plionarctos telonensis

      Genus:  Arctodus †
5-2 mya.

                   Brazilian Bear †
Arctodus braziliensis

                   Buenos Aires Bear †
Arctodus bonariensis

                   Giant Short-Faced Bear †
Arctodus simus

                   Pampas Bear †
Arctodus pamparus

                   Short-Faced Bear †
Arctodus pristinus

      Genus:  Arctotherium †

                   Brazilian Short-Faced Bear †
Arctotherium brasilense

                   Argentine Short-Faced Bear †
Arctotherium latidens

                   Arctotherium enectum †
Arctotherium (Pararctotherium) enectum

                   Arctotherium brasiliensis †
Arctotherium (Pararctotherium) brasiliensis

                   Arctotherium pamparum †
Arctotherium (Pararctotherium) pamparum

      Genus:  Tremarctos
2.5 mya.

                   Spectacled Bear
Tremarctos ornatus

                   Florida Cave Bear 
Tremarctos floridanus

Subfamily:  Ursinae

       Genus: Ursus
4 – 5 mya.

                    Auvergne Bear †
Ursus minimus

                       Ursus minimus minimus †
Ursus minimus minimus (subspecies)

                       Ursus minimus boeckhi †
Ursus minimus boeckhi (subspecies)

                    Ursus abstrusus †
Ursus abstrusus

                    Etruscan Bear †
Ursus etruscus

                       Ursus etruscus etruscus †
Ursus etruscus etruscus (subspecies)

                       Ursus etruscus ruscinensis †
Ursus etruscus ruscinensis (subspecies)

                       Ursus etruscus arvernensis †
Ursus etruscus arvernensis (subspecies)

                    European Cave Bear †
Ursus spelaeus (300,000 years ago)

                    Brown Bear
Ursus arctos

                       Alaskan Grizzly Bear
Ursus arctos alascensis (subspecies)

                       Eurasian Brown Bear
Ursus arctos arctos (subspecies)

                       Kamchatka Brown Bear
Ursus arctos beringianus (subspecies)

                       California Golden Bear
Ursus arctos californicus (subspecies)

                       Siberian Brown Bear
Ursus arctos collaris (subspecies)

                       Atlas Bear †
Ursus arctos crowtheri (subspecies)

                       Alaskan Brown Bear †
Ursus arctos dalli (subspecies)

                       Peninsula Giant Bear
Ursus arctos gyas (subspecies)

                       Grizzly Bear
Ursus arctos horribilis (subspecies)

                       Himalayan Brown Bear
Ursus arctos isabellinus (subspecies)

                       Amur Brown Bear †
Ursus arctos lasiotus (subspecies)

                       Kodiak Bear
Ursus arctos middendorffi (subspecies)

                       Mexican Grizzly Bear
Ursus arctos nelsoni (subspecies) (invalid)

                       Tibetan Blue Bear
Ursus arctos pruinosus (subspecies)

                       Sitka Islands Bear
Ursus arctos sitkensis (subspecies)

                       Ursus arctos stikeensis
Ursus arctos stikeensis (subspecies)

                       Syrian Brown Bear
Ursus arctos syriacus (subspecies)

                    Polar Bear
Ursus maritimus

                       Early Polar Bear or Tyrant Sea Bear †
Ursus maritimus tyrannus (subspecies)

                       Modern Polar Bear
Ursus maritimus maritimus (subspecies)

                    American Black Bear
Ursus americanus

                       Olympic Black Bear
Ursus americanus altifrontalis (subspecies)

                       New Mexico Black Bear
Ursus americanus amblyceps (subspecies)

                       Minnesota Black Bear
Ursus americanus americanus (subspecies)

                       California Black Bear
Ursus americanus californiensis (subspecies)

                       Queen Charlotte Black Bear
Ursus americanus carlottae (subspecies)

                       Cinnamon Bear
Ursus americanus cinnamomum (subspecies)

                       Glacier Bear
Ursus americanus emmonsii (subspecies)

                       East Mexican Black Bear
Ursus americanus eremicus (subspecies)

                       Florida Black Bear
Ursus americanus floridanus (subspecies)

                       New Foundland Bear
Ursus americanus hamiltoni (subspecies)

                       Kermode Bear
Ursus americanus kermodei (subspecies)

                       Louisiana Black Bear
Ursus americanus luteolus (subspecies)

                       West Mexico Black Bear
Ursus americanus machetes (subspecies)

                       Kenai Black Bear
Ursus americanus perniger (subspecies)

                       Dall Black Bear
Ursus americanus pugnax (subspecies)

                       Vancouver Black Bear
Ursus americanus vancouveri (subspecies)

                    Asiatic Black Bear
Ursus thibetanus

                       Formosan Black Bear
Ursus thibetanus formosanus (subspecies)

                       Baluchistan Black Bear
Ursus thibetanus gedrosianus (subspecies)

                       Japanese Black Bear
Ursus thibetanus japonicus (subspecies)

                       Himalayan Black Bear
Ursus thibetanus laniger (subspecies)

                       Ursus thibetanus mupinensis
Ursus thibetanus mupinensis (subspecies)

                       Ursus thibetanus thibetanus
Ursus thibetanus thibetanus (subspecies)

                       Manchurian Black Bear
Ursus thibetanus ussuricus (subspecies)

       Genus:  Helarctos

                     Sun Bear
Helarctos malayanus

                        Borneo Sun Bear
Helarctos malayanus euryspilus (subspecies)

       Genus:  Melursus

                    Sloth Bear
Melursus urinus

                       Sri Lankan Sloth Bear
Melursus urinus inoratus (subspecies)

† – extinct

8 Species of Bears

American Black Bear (Ursus americanus) – (Read here for more information on lower classifications/subspecies).
Asiatic Black Bear (Ursus thibetanus)
Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) – (Read here for more information on lower classifications/subspecies).
Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus)
Sloth Bear (Melursus ursinus)
Sun Bear (Helarctos malayanus)
Giant Panda Bear (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)
Spectacled Bear (Tremarctos ornatus)