Sweet Hut: A young entrepreneur at work

A “tea-licious” interview with Sweet Hut’s Rachel Ewe

Tea is a refreshing, versatile, and a popular beverage loved by all across the globe that has evolved from the traditional steep and brews such as English breakfast and green tea to not- so-traditional beverages such as tea infusions and the rapidly popular bubble tea.

These popular and innovative tea trends have greatly influenced today’s café operations, concepts and offerings.

Cafés have quickly evolved into a hangout spot for many college students, where they can get school work done, meet friends and enjoy some good treats.

Rachel Ewe, a 27-year-old University of Georgia graduate, is making a buzz in the Atlanta area with her successful family owned bakery and café called Sweet Hut.

Open for nearly three years, Sweet Hut has become one of the most popular local cafés in the Atlanta area, serving a vast array of pastries, cakes, baked goods and custom made teas inspired by Ewe and her parents’ travels to Asia and across America.

“The concept of a café is slightly different in Asian countries than it is here in America,” said Ewe. “We wanted to share this culture with authenticity in a modern and comfortable atmosphere alongside with superior customer service.”

Ewe attributes Sweet Hut’s popularity amongst college students to its spacious and friendly atmosphere, affordability and its freshly made products.

“The cafés are very student friendly with amenities like numerous outlets, plush seating available and staying open late,” said Ewe.

Walking through Sweet Hut’s doors, it’s easy to see how Sweet Hut sets itself apart from the rest. Most of the pastries are self-served, and all of their teas and beverages are customizable to one’s liking from a large menu of options.

Favorites among GPC students include Taro, Honey Jasmine, Thai and Classic Sweet Hut bubble teas.

“I love the service and especially their teas,” says GPC student Hadia Balde. “I never

heard of bubble tea until I came to Sweet Hut, and it was love at first sip. I go there regularly now with my college mates to hang out and study. It’s good.”

In addition to being a young entrepreneur, Ewe also balances a social life and personal activities. “Sweet Hut is my baby,” said Ewe. “But to be efficient in business you must adopt prioritizing and effective time management skills. My family and I are also a very solid team, so we make it work for all of us.”

Ewe then speaks on her transition from college graduate to entrepreneur.

“I majored in business information technology, so I am very familiar with analytics and business development,” said Ewe. “I learned many things in college about business, but there are some things you can only learn through hands on experience, and that’s one of the things I love about business. Everyday there is something new to learn from and about.”

Ewe also shares how work is as challenging as it is fulfilling.

“As a student, I worked hard,” explains Ewe. “Now as a business owner, I work even harder but I love it. I love the work that I do because I get to see the goodness our products brings to people, and I enjoy relating with our customers.”

Ewe shares that although being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, it isn’t a farfetched reality. She advises that students “should study hard, read and understand as much as they can, develop a great work ethic and be open minded.”

As a young entrepreneur with a drive to succeed, Ewe draws her motivation from her parents and her inspiration from her customers, she notes that it is necessary for any entrepreneur to stay motivated and learn the necessary skills.

Sweet Hut’s rapid popularity and success has allowed for them to expand and open two more locations one in Midtown and another in Duluth, in addition to the first location on Buford Highway.

So to all you would be entrepreneurs out there: stay motivated, stay committed and stay open minded for as the saying at Sweet Hut goes, “Enough is not enough.”

Visit Sweet Hut at
933 Peachtree St NE #935 Atlanta, GA or at 5150 Buford Hwy a100 Doraville, GA.For more information, go to their website at www.sweethutbakery.com

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