Strong Black Man (Poem by Jermon Hawk)

“A Strong Black Man”

I’m a man, “A Strong Black Man” that is. And so I proceed to say that my words are perceived through society eyes as a perception of an unjust child that wasn’t born into sin, but from the choices I shall make in life will be judged as an unjust judgment because I am the seed of a NIGGA! But from a boy to a man I still stand with my head held high , my eyes steady glowing with the aroma of confidence seeping through the chimney of the roof, and you shall see my destiny because in me is the living proof of “A Strong Black Man.”

That holds the hand of “A Strong Black Woman”, in which I truly adore, need I say more. The facts I speak will be ignored, and a woman of impure color bounded by the laws of race, to society she is still nothing but a whore. Reverse the role, politics ain’t nothing but legalized prostitution from the distribution of athletes, countries, weapons, and even currency that gains its own contribution! So society puts a veil over our eyes, and we walk in darkness, full of confusion, with a mind that’s delusion, and they use the world for and illusion!

But I’m “A Strong Black Man” and I see the world in color for what it really is so that the next generation, want grow up like this generation of kids, regretting all the things they did. Because life waits for no man, but a man will take a life, but God gives life so in a sense we are taking from God! But through it all, society will leave you emotionally scarred, trust me I know! Because I’m a man that’s bounded by shackles at a fork in the road, and not knowing which way to go! So I look up to the sky and ask God for advice, to guide my life as I close my eyes and listen as the wind blows. It says, “In order for me to break the chains, I must keep moving straight ahead, split the fork in half, and aim for the horizon instead! So with every string of hair on my head! that I will do, because I am the living proof of


-Jermon Hawk