Sit down with Sean

GPC alumnus begins his own marketing company

By: Maurice Raeford

Sean Standberry is a GPC alumnus who started his own marketing company called Lyfe Marketing in 2011. He reached out to the Collegian in an effort to share his story and inspire current and incoming GPC students. We met at his downtown office to get the backstory of his company.

The C: What is Lyfe Marketing?

SS: Lyfe Marketing is a marketing agency that helps to boost your company through social media. My company helps you find your target audience and from there, we build a rapport with future consumers. I understand that it is hard for company owners to run a business and keep in touch with their consumers. My company bridges that gap between company and audience. It also links students with student housing, making it easier for students to find somewhere to stay while in college.

The C: What inspired you to start it?

SS: I actually got the inspiration from GPC. At GPC, I had a sense of community. When I was at GPC, the student body was so diverse and most of the students think outside of the box. I wanted to do something different in life so upon graduating I gathered some friends and started Lyfe Marketing.

The C: With social media being an ever changing thing, how do you keep up with trends?

SS: All the people that work with the company are users of social media outlets, so they already keep up with these sights for their personal use, but when it comes to hiring that is a big question that we ask. When we are greeting people, we ask what type of social sites do they use and how often do they use social sites. This way when trends change my company knows because it is part of their lifestyle.

The C: Are there particular companies that you prefer to work with over other companies?

SS: I have gained most of my notoriety through working with the housing market. I enjoy working with a lot of small and upcoming businesses. I like to help people build their businesses because once it’s starts to grow, it gives him a sense of satisfaction.

The C: When a new client comes to you, are there certain things that they should have in place?

SS: They should have a sense of what they are trying to accomplish and who are they trying to attract. Some of my clients really know how they want to appeal to their future customers. But I have no problem helping the clients figure out how to market their businesses and sit down come up with a marketing strategy for each company.

The C: Where do you plan to be in the next two years?

SS: I hope to hire three full time employees because I want to give other people an opportunity. My company’s motto is to bring “lyfe” to your business.