SGA: ‘I think we should fight a battle that we can win’

The Collegian spoke with GPC’s Student Government Association presidents today during a conference call regarding what could be done in regards to the cancellation of the fall graduation.

After a half an hour of discussion, the SGA made it clear that they have no desire to help facilitate an effort to revive the fall commencement ceremony.

“I think we should fight a battle that we can win, and I don’t think this is something we can win,” said Shrena Jenkins, SGA Alpharetta president.

SGA presidents cited several reasons why it wasn’t possible to bring back graduation, as well as reason why it “wasn’t worth it.”

The reasons that were included were:
– They hadn’t heard any concern from the student body
– There wasn’t enough concern from the student body
– There isn’t enough money to pay for graduation
– There isn’t enough time to set up graduation
– If they did get graduation back on, it would upset those that were told it was cancelled.

“It’s a noble cause, however, I represent 9,000 students and I just can’t take every concern and fight with it,” said Juan Rodriguez. “Think about every student who cancelled their plans … then what would happen if we suddenly advertised that it was back on? I think it would trigger, possibly, a greater negative response.”

The SGA presidents spent a majority of the time trying to discourage, or put down, any initiative the Collegian suggested.

Jenkins said that “it would be disaster” if the commencement was reinstated. “I would really hate to see that in the paper – GPC fall commencement total disaster.”

Jenkins also pointed out that there were “other events” the SGA was planning. “You need to take that into consideration … therefore, we would have to push these other events aside to go and try to make something happen that’s pretty much, right now, impossible,” said Jenkins.

“If it was more people mentioning this to me, I would be more inclined to go all out,” said Rodriguez. “The truth is, I do not see sufficient man power behind it to merit us moving … all our resources in order for this event. Now, if it were truly the voice of the students, I would be all behind it.”

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