Types of Glaciers – Explanation + Visual Guide

Believe it or not, there are 8 different types of glaciers. These include mountain glaciers, rock glaciers, valley glaciers, tidewater glaciers, piedmont glaciers, hanging glaciers, cirque glaciers, and outlet glaciers. Types of Glaciers Below is a description of each of the different glacier types as well as images and videos where possible to show you […]

Types Of Caves – Explanation + Visual Guide

Caves are the result of different processes. As a result, there are different types of caves formed when these processes occur. For example, there are sea caves, eolian caves, lava caves, sandstone caves, and solution caves. A cave is a natural opening in the ground extending beyond the zone of light and large enough to […]

Types Of Magma – Explanation & Visual Guide

Just like there are different types of volcanoes and different types of lava, there are different types of magma. Magma is molten rock within the surface of the earth. There are three basic types of magma: basaltic, andesitic, and rhyolitic, each of which has a different mineral/chemical composition. Basaltic magma —  SiO2 45-55 wt%, high in Fe, Mg, Ca, low in K, Na […]

Types Of Terrain – Explanation & Visual Guide

Let’s take a look at the different types of terrain that make up our planet, Earth. Learn about the differences, similarities, and locations of all the terrain types accessible to us. There are different types of terrains. The common ones are plateau, mountain, plain, and valley terrains. Other types of terrains include open, tundra, oasis, steppe, desert, swamp, forest, […]

Types Of Ivy – Explanation + Visual Guide

Have ever asked yourself “what are the different types of ivy plants”? I know! I have too and I was surprised to know that there are several species of ivy! Hedera, commonly called ivy, is a genus of 12–15 species of evergreen climbing or ground-creeping woody plants in the family Araliaceae, native to western, central […]