Picture perfect: Couple shares sex life in good taste

By: Joseph Richardson

Love can be shown through many different gestures: flowers, matching bracelets, chocolates, love notes, FaceTime or a promise ring. Certain people prefer a public display of sexual love and affection.

Out there in the vast world of social media lies a blog dedicated specifically to this type of affection.

Tumblr lays hold to a blog called “Ace_Queen Ent” where bloggers and partners Queen and Ace put their sex life on full display for all to view.

“I hope our page will inspire other couples to try new things, open up with each other and think outside the box,” said Queen.

The blog was originally crafted to provide an exotic twist in their relationship.

When it comes to their relationship they have a strict set of rules they both abide by on the blog.

Confidentiality is key when it comes to their blog; no real names are shared and their faces are kept secret at all times.

One thing made very clear to every viewer is that they are monogamous, and not interested in anybody else besides each other.

“I’ve learned some people are really uneducated about sex based off some questions and responses,” Ace said.

With the great success that they have been experiencing, they occasionally are peppered with the ignorance of many viewers.

Negative statements made to both Ace and Queen make their way into the inbox of “Ace_Queen Ent.”

“I feel good that people are opening up and posting their bodies online,” said Ace. “It takes a lot of confidence to do what we do. With our fan mail also comes the occasional hate mail.”

Queen and Ace display their affection for each other in an unorthodox method.

Although there are some in society who find these types of PDA repulsive, Queen and Ace have quite the following.

“The idea originally came from Vine,” said Queen. “I had seen a few viners who would post videos without their face. I eventually found Tumblr and started our page.”

Social media has been a choice outlet for sexual behavior for a while now.

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Instagram, there seems to always be the desire to be sexually active online.

“Our Vine got deleted, along with all other pages with nudity because a minor decided to vine himself penetrating a hot pocket,” said Queen.

Although apps like Vine prohibit sexual activity, people had no problem moving onto another website.

Are Queen and Ace the product of a dying Vine culture, or are they pioneers of a new way to express yourself sexually? Will society embrace this unorthodox method of love, or will society shun the notion of this practice instead?

Only time will be able to piece this mosaic together, but it all starts with the perfect picture of Ace and Queen Entertainment.

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