Google Assistant: Everything You Can Do & More

Google Assistant is the successor to Google Voice Search. It’s a conversational assistant that’s on par with Siri, Alexa, and Cortana. We can have conversations with Google assistant to find answers, have fun, plan our day and much more. We’ve talked about the more than 100 things you can do with Alexa. Here’s 100+ questions and commands […]

The Best Streaming Services Of 2019

Here’s our analysis of the best video streaming services of 2019. The list includes prices, differences, and international availability. Netflix Netflix, the blueprint when it comes to online streaming services, tops the list. It is available worldwide. But, sits US version has a more varied catalog of video streaming content than that of any other country. Netflix […]

Same weed, many dealers

The ever changing views on pot dealer stereotypes By: Naya Clark Weed, or marijuana, seems to be growing in popularity, in consumerism and media coverage within the last few months. Between the legalization and decriminalization in various states across the United States including Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, it seems like there’s always news about this […]

Xanax: Beyond the pharmacy

Prescription drug exploration has become constant in today’s culture. Through Google searches and popular culture a working knowledge of how drugs operate– prices, how they’re sold and street names–is easy to obtain. Xannies (Zannies), Bars, Benzos and White boys are all nicknames for Alprazolam–brand name Xanax. Xanax is the most abused benzodiazepine, delivering feelings of sedation […]